One of the secrets of Culver City is not just about how the munchkins from a land called Oz once stayed at the famous Culver Hotel (Related: The Rich and Haunted History of the Legendary Culver Hotel). Instead, it’s that Culver City is a cozy hidden gem for those little people cultivating a magical future of their own: no, we’re not talking about munchkins from Oz anymore, we’re talking about children. 

A School District Of Their Own

Did you know that Culver City has its own school district? Culver City Unified School District is separate from Los Angeles Unified School District or LAUSD which generally has a less than stellar reputation. Culver makes it an ideal choice for those individuals trying to get the best of the city life but from a bit of an arms-length distance. But if being outside the Los Angeles Unified School District isn’t good enough for you, there’s even more.

For those who absolutely can’t or don’t want to escape the spotlight, parents and students will be happy to know that there are several arts and theatre programs available to choose from and participate.  CCUSD has a division that offers families of Culver City after school programs from theatre and beyond.

A Unique Partnership

Culver City’s schools enjoy unique partnerships thanks to their location in the heart of the film industry, including support from Sony Pictures which gives an award to outstanding teachers every year. Sony has been partnering with the public schools in Culver City for almost 20 years now.

Parents and students will adore the opportunity to tinker and build with CCUSD’s maker and robotics program. An anonymous donor recently added to the capabilities of this program with a donation of $75,000 to the Culver City Makerspace and Robotics programs.

Culver City Elementary Schools

For k-5, Culver City parents can’t beat El Marino Elementary School located at 11450 Port Road, Culver City, CA, 90230 which ranks 10/10 by Farragut Elementary School at 10820 Farragut Drive, Culver City, CA, 90230 also ranks well with an 8/10 score along with Playa Del Rey Elementary School at 12221 Juniette Street, Culver City, CA, 90230. Always make sure to check student teacher ratio and test scores.

Culver City Middle School

For grades 6-8 students attend Culver City Middle School before wrapping up their 9-12 education at Culver City High School, both located at 4401 Elenda Street, Culver City, CA, 90230. Both of these schools also achieve high marks, scoring 8/10 by For these grades you want to check school performance on state tests and how it compares within the state and within the school district. For high school students be sure to check graduation rates and college readiness.

Culver City is a glittering secret that you’ll most certainly want to entertain if you’re looking for city living with access to quality neighborhood schools. (Related: Delightful Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Book Lovers)


Culver City School District Contact Information

Address: 4034 Irving Pl. Culver City, CA 90232-2810

Phone: (310) 842-4220

Fax: (310) 842-4205


School Information and Staff Directory:

Culver City School Superintendent Phone: (310) 842-4220 Ext. 4222