It’s award season. Gird your loins! Choosing to live in the middle of the limelight has some positives as well as negatives. For those that want to be right where movie magic is happening, there are a few things you should be aware of.

During awards season, life in Hollywood and surrounding areas where major awards shows happen can get extra chaotic. Here are some tips for coping:


Walk in Mind of Fame

Living in Hollywood will give you proximity to a more than just movie stars. Although the Walk of Fame is primarily composed of movie royalty, there are actually five categories of celebrities that are able to get stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame which include theatre/live performance, recording/music, and even radio.

Did you know that Weird Al recently got a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame? During this time, there are things that it seems are issues only Hollywood feels affected by. Crowds of tourists and fans flock to events like this to see their favorite stars getting to make their permanent mark on the streets where these stars worked so hard to achieve through the depths of hardships.The crowds pull people from all parts of town and all over the country. Businesses in the proximity of the Chinese Theatre will be affected as well as neighboring residents and normal tourism and day to day traffic.  


Keep Abreast of Major Star Events

It’s good to be aware of major award shows even if you are not an industry professional.   While there will be several different award shows throughout the year knowing when the big ones are coming will help guide you where you might want to steer clear. Thankfully, you won’t need to be an industry professional to know when they are. Major award seasons are highly publicized all over town well in advance of the event.

The key events are the Oscars, the Academy Awards, the Grammy Awards, the Emmy Awards, and the Golden Globes. Other award shows to be aware of are the BET Awards, the People’s Choice Awards, the Britannia Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Writers Guild Awards, East/West Player Visionary Awards, the Film Independent Spirit Awards, the IDA Documentary Awards Gala, the NAACP Image Awards, the Annie Awards, the Media Access Awards, the LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards. These events, like the Hollywood Walk of Fame honor talented artists across multiple platforms of celebrity and bring individuals together to honor local talent as well as world renown talent.


Know the Neighborhood Award Show Hotspots

Certain parts of Los Angeles will be far enough away from being affected with award season congestion. Others will be subject to intense traffic, security, re-routing, and more. The hotspots that tend to get hit the most are: Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westwood, and Century City. The neighborhood that hosts the event is also a testament to the size of the event. As you might have guessed, downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood are hit the most while Beverly Hills tends to get a lot of parties with the Hollywood clientele even outside of peak season.


Be Aware of Street Closures

Welcome to Los Angeles, the epicenter of movie magic and… traffic chaos. If you’re new to the area or trying to navigate during a major award season such as the Oscars, you’ll want to plan your commute accordingly and possibly consider changing up your route to potential destinations. During Oscar Season earlier in 2018, for example, streets started to get closed off a full two weeks in advance around Hollywood and Highland. These closures affected multiple streets as well as sidewalks around where the event was due to take place. There have been multiple talks over the years about trying to get streets closed to vehicles on a more permanent basis to assist in deterring the congestion and traffic.


Parking is a Premium

During award seasons with the closures also come the inevitable additional parking difficulties. Streets around the area will frequently have temporary tow-away no-stopping zones or other limited restrictions. You might also want to consider public transportation options as well during award season if you don’t have designated parking or an alternative place for your car during events.

Ultimately living in Los Angeles can sometimes come with complications to make everyday navigating anything but ordinary. In a city that’s home to stars it’s no wonder that things get away with the town during the multiple award seasons throughout the year. While we’ve given you a list of many of the award seasons, you should know that this is a town where the stars are abundant and you should budget for extra time when they are out on public display. (Related: Best Street Art You Can See Right Now in Los Angeles)