Los Angeles is the type of city that can sneak up on you. That sounds strange to say about a place most anyone knows about for its film and modeling industry. As such, it is easy to visit Los Angeles and hit the main attractions, like Hollywood and the beach, and miss some of the prime activities you could be participating in elsewhere. If your family is heading to the west coast this summer, or you plan on getting out there with your special someone, here are some of the better places to go and have fun in L.A. County!


Universal Studios

No list about activities in L.A. would really be complete without mentioning the epic experience you can have at Universal Studios Hollywood. Not only can you tour the studio grounds to see where some iconic movies were made, but you can also see active sets, and possibly spot a movie star or two. Driving around those historic sets will blast some nostalgia right into you, and you won’t regret it. Afterwards, the tour brings you to the theme park section of Universal, where your inner child runs wild with delight. This is perfect for families and couples alike!



iFLY Indoor Skydiving

Nothing sounds more appealing than the ability to fly around at will. Well, skydiving is about as close as a normal human being can get to that experience. However, there are many who will never even entertain the idea of jumping out of a plane, and for good reason: it’s too high up! Luckily, iFLY has brought the best of everything to you in a safe and barely above ground manner! The thrill alone will be enough to make the tripe worth it, but the price will be an added bonus. Once you arrive, an instructor will provide you with all the gear and instruction you’ll need, so there’s no worry if you’ve never done something his extreme before! Anyone over the age of three can participate, so bring the whole family for a flight you’ll never forget.



Grammy Museum

If you’re music lover, the movies might be exciting, but not enough to draw your full attention away from the hundreds of other sites you could be seeing. If that’s the case, look no further than the Grammy Museum. Spanning three floors, the museums archives some of the most famous and influential music in American culture, using interactive exhibits to excite and educate. While you’re there, stop into the Clive Davis Theater on the second floor to occupy a space that the likes of Taylor Swift and Ringo Starr have performed in through the years.



Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Drawing more than one million visitors every year, the L.A. Zoo and Gardens spans over 133 acres of land, and is home to more than a thousand different types of animals, some of them rare and endangered species. In addition, the over 7,000 different types of exotic and local plants in gardens can envelope you into a jungle of sorts. This is an excellent experience, especially for families, as you can escape the noise and the crowds of the city for a few hours, which can be much needed at times in a city the size of Los Angeles. You can even find great deals on Groupon! Just don’t get lost in the vast jungle!



Pacific Park – Santa Monica Pier

Let’s take it to the beach for at least one activity! The Santa Monica Pier is world famous for its iconic look and, of course, the fun it brings. Some of the best people watching you will ever enjoy can be done here, as well as riding on the world’s only solar powered Ferris Wheel. The pier is excellent during the day, when you get the classic seas-side sounds and smells while enjoying the rays, or under the stars at night, when you’ll feel like you’ve been dropped into a romantic comedy. Either way, you won’t forget your trip to the Pier! Pig out on some classic fair-style snacks and beverages and get a taste of the classic California lifestyle you’ve been wanting!


Los Angeles is known for the glitz and glam of Hollywood, but it is indeed much more than that. While that aspect is and should be celebrated, it is good to get out and experience what makes Los Angeles such a diverse and interesting city. After all, nothing should be taken at face value. Along with these activities, the many art exhibits and street shows that take place throughout the city are excellent ways to pass an afternoon or evening. You definitely don’t want to miss those listed above, but there are so many things to do and see in Los Angeles, so plan a trip that spans a few days to get the full experience.