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We set the precedent for ethical integrity among real estate professionals. We’re a team of highly selective brokers, committed to offering equal and honest service to everyone we do business with. Our mission supports both our clients and the regional communities we love. Experience the Ashby & Graff difference for yourself!

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The Ashby & Graff Promise

Our promise is to provide an unprecedented level of efficiency and honesty to our clients. Whether buying or selling a home, the process can run the gamut of emotions – frustrating, scary, exhilarating – and we’re here to help manage through that. We value our impeccable ability to connect with our clients on a human level, so you feel comfortable with every step of the process.

At Ashby & Graff® Real Estate, we believe in equal and undifferentiated service for every client, regardless of budget or goal. The world can be a confusing place, but finding your perfect place in it shouldn’t have to be.

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Our Commitment to Commission Transparency at Ashby & Graff Real Estate

In the dynamic world of real estate, staying informed about industry developments is crucial for both buyers and sellers. Recently, there has been news about a legal settlement addressing the technicalities of agent commission payments. At Ashby & Graff Real...

‘My New Home’ Activity & Coloring Book Helps Kids When Moving Homes

Moving houses can be an exhilarating and yet challenging experience, especially for children. Recognizing this unique challenge, Ellimat Books has crafted an innovative solution through the children's activity book, "My New Home." Artfully illustrated and thoughtfully...
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Attract Worthy Buyers: 4 Strategies to Stand Out in a Sluggish Real Estate Market

The real estate market can be quite volatile with fluctuations that are influenced by a wide range of factors. This means that at times, the market could be so slow that selling a home becomes a daunting task. But this should not make you fret. There are ways you can...
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Winter Wonderland: Uncover the Untapped Potential of Real Estate Investing in the Cold Season

When thinking about investing in real estate, timing becomes an important factor to consider. A commonly overlooked period is during the winter months. Given the cold weather and holiday distractions, real estate investing might seem like the last thing you would want...

Ashby & Graff Supports Children’s Hospital LA to Make a Lasting Impact

One of the core values of Ashby & Graff Real Estate is our commitment to enhancing our local communities and supporting causes that have a direct impact on our society. As part of our Ashby & Graff Cares initiative, we are delighted to announce our support of...
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Gratitude at Home: Celebrating Thanksgiving with Loved Ones and Cherishing our Spaces

As the time of year arrives where we gather with our loved ones and express gratitude for all we have, one thing that often brings everyone together is the sense of home. It's the backdrop to many of our memories, traditions, and relationships. Real estate ties to our...
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Saving For Homeownership: Supercharge Your Savings with Online Coupons

Getting a foot on the property ladder is a significant financial milestone. Buying your first home is exciting, but it can also pose a significant challenge, particularly when it comes to saving up for the down payment. However, fear not! With the proper planning, a...
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Navigating the Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS): A Crucial Tool in California Real Estate Transactions

If you're involved in a real estate transaction in the state of California, whether as a buyer or a seller, you're likely to come across the term Transfer Disclosure Statement, abbreviated to TDS. The TDS form is not just another piece of paperwork to be checked off...
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Navigating the Web of Finance: How Bond Yields Impact Real Estate Mortgage Rates

The real estate market is a complex environment influenced by myriad factors – some less obvious than others. In this piece, we will be navigating one particularly intricate road: the relationship between bond yields and real estate mortgage rates. By understanding...
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Silent Destroyers: Signs of a Termite Infestation You Can’t Afford to Miss

Termites are often referred to as “silent destroyers” for a good reason. These pesky insects can cause severe structural damage to properties, often without an immediate visible warning. For real estate owners or potential property buyers, it's paramount to know the...