This time of year, many people are looking around and trying to find the best last-minute vacations to book. If you’re looking to spend some time away in the lap of luxury, here are four European destinations that you’re guaranteed to adore.


If you’d like to party and relax there’s no better place to go than the island of Mykonos. Located in the Aegean sea, south of mainland Greece, it’s one of the most popular and trendy destinations in the world at the moment. Packed with a huge range of hotels that go from modern and hip to more traditional and family-run, you’ll be able to find a vacation that will suit you and your friends and family perfectly. If you want to spend the nights bar-hopping in your most glamourous outfits before recovering on the beach in the gorgeous sun the next day, Mykonos is for you, but if you’re looking for a more family-oriented vacation, why not rent a villa with its own pool? Greek food is notoriously incredible and fresh, so you can spend the evenings dining out after spending your days checking out local historical sites like the nearby island Delos (the birthplace of Greek gods Artemis and Apollo), looking around local markets and enjoying the beach.


One of the most fashionable vacation destinations in Europe, Saint-Tropez is popular with both celebrities and aristocracy. It’s located on the French Riviera and has a Mediterranean climate, which means that all summer long it’s blessed with bright blue skies, hot weather and a coastal breeze that will mean you’ll be able to spend plenty of time outside and on the beach. The food scene is ideal for anyone who loves gourmet cuisine, particularly high-quality seafood, and the designer boutiques mean that you can treat yourself during the day. The Vieux Port is full of gorgeous yachts and port-side bars where you can enjoy an ice-cold glass of white wine in the sun. If the yachts inspire you, why not hire your own boat to take a day trip and explore the most gorgeous coves and beaches in the world?


One of the most interesting and historical cities in the world, Edinburgh is always an absolute treat to visit. However, throughout the month of August, there’s even more than usual to explore, as the world’s biggest arts festival hits the city. If you’d rather miss the hectic vibes and go earlier in the year, you can always explore Edinburgh Castle in the centre of the city along with the Scottish Parliament and countless historical sites, museums and galleries. But during August, the city is full of life and joy as actors, comedians, dancers and musicians from all over the world transform it into a hub of fun and activity. No matter what sort of show you want to go to, there will be something for you; if it’s all getting a little too busy and you’d like to relax, you can also check out the Botanical Gardens or one of the many excellent restaurants.


A region in central Italy, visiting Tuscany is one of the most exciting and beautiful trips that you can take. If you want a traditional beach vacation, it may not be for you, but if you want some incredible art and culture there’s no better place you can go. With beautiful landscapes made up of olive groves, rolling hills and ancient buildings, Tuscany’s history stretches back for thousands of years, all full of art and culture – and of course, incredible food and wine. It’s known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, particularly its capital Florence. Both Da Vinci and Michelangelo, two of the world’s most famous artists, are closely related with the region, and there are countless galleries full of world-class art, along with a number of churches and cathedrals full of art and frescos that must be seen.

Whether you want to experience the lux of Saint-Tropez, the culture of Tuscany, the hubbub of Edinburgh or the sunshine of Mykonos, these ideas will at least give you some tips on where you can spend your vacation this year.