In the market for a new house? (Related: 6 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers) Maybe you want a movie theater in your home, or a room full of candy dispensers? We’ve gathered some great options for you to look at with these amenities and more…and they will only cost you $100 million. Yep, that’s right. These are the five most expensive houses in the Los Angeles area, and their price tags are no joke—but at least you can read all about them for free!



9434 Cherokee Lane Beverly Hills, CA – $110 million

This Beverly Hills mansion sits on no less than 14 acres. It sports ten bathrooms and 12 bedrooms, plus two living rooms and even a retractable roof.  It’s also got a maid’s quarters, for the live-in housekeeper you’d need to take care of all those rooms. Of course, it also has necessities no one could live without, like a massive tennis court and pool.  It’s over 15,000 square feet. Listed by Dimitri Velis, Hilton & Hyland.



9505 Lania Lane Beverly Hills, CA – $129 million

This house is so fancy it has its own name –Palazzo di Amore. It has its own waterfall,  vineyards and wine tasting room—plus storage for 10,000 wine bottles. Of course, it has several pools including a “reflecting pool.” It also has a Turkish style spa, and even its own theater and multiple lane bowling alley. I was excited my apartment unit has onsite laundry. Listed by Stacy Gottula and Mauricio Umansky, The Agency.



2571 Wallingford Drive Beverly Hills, CA – $135 million

These 46,000 square foot home boasts parking for no less than 80 vehicles, and an entire indoor sports complex with a pickleball court, a  basketball court, a gym, and a boxing ring, plus its own sports bar to unwind after the workout. It has twelve bedrooms and 24 bathrooms. It has a guest house, caretaker house and guard house all on the property. This home claims the largest zero edge pool in Beverly Hills. It can only be accessed through its own gated streets, taking privacy to a whole new level. Listed by Ginger Glass, Coldwell Banker.



594 South Mapleton Drive Los Angeles, CA – $175 million

This 56, 500 square foot mansion is larger than the White House. It has space for 100 cars and has 14 bedrooms  and 27 bathrooms. It has many perks, including a bowling alley, a wine cellar and tasting room, a gym and even its own fully equipped masseuse and tanning rooms.  It also had its own bar and library, and its kitchen is catering size. Its curving staircases and high ceilings are fit for royalty—who are probably the only people who could afford it. This one is so big we had to add double the photos to show it all off! Listed by Rick Hilton and David Kramer, Hilton & Hyland. 


#1 Most Expensive Home in California…

924 Bel Air Road Los Angeles, CA – $188 million

The most expensive mega mansion on the market in Los Angeles has 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, three kitchens and five bars. It also has a spa and massage studio, fitness center and 85-foot infinity swimming pool. It takes 7 full time staff members  to maintain it and it has 100 of its own curated art installations. Perhaps most amazing, this home has an entire wall of candy dispensers. It boasts the world’s most advanced home technology system. The house was a project of ultra-luxury real estate developer Bruce Makowsky, who famously listed the most expensive house in the United States in 2017—another Bel Air mansion, which was priced at $250 million. Listed by Shawn Elliott of Nest Seekers and Branden and Rayni Williams of Hilton & Hyland.

La La Land is known for luxury, but these homes are in a class of their own,  perhaps too expensive for even some of LA’s wealthiest stars. These homes are out of reach for most of us, so for now  we’ll just content ourselves with the real estate listings…and day dreaming of private spas.