Living in a bungalow-style house can be nice if you prefer having a more minimalist lifestyle. However, as your family and/or needs grow, you might realize that you need another story on your house. Before you start calling contractors or even visualizing blueprints, you need to make sure you have everything properly understood. All of these things are necessary prior to adding a second story.


You might be the property owner, but that doesn’t mean you have complete control over what modifications are made to your house. Get in touch with your local zoning office to make sure you have permission to add a second story to your home. Should you get a tentative “okay,” you’ll need to have an inspection completed that ensures everything is up to code. This is also necessary after the new story is installed, especially with the stairs. A defective stairwell can lead to severe injuries if not completed properly. When you have the necessary permits in place, you can focus on other parts of this undertaking.

Costs and Building Options

The costs for adding a second story are no joke. You could pay a couple hundred thousand for a complete second story or even half that much for a partial one. If you have the means available and are willing to see the value that a second story could add to your home, you can see this is an investment. You may need to apply for a loan in order to finance this, so you should have a good financial record, including a strong credit score.

The Length

It’s one thing to have your kitchen or bathroom remodeled and have to deal with the interruption to your routine. However, including a second story can make you forget what it’s like to live under remotely normal conditions. Depending on how big of an undertaking the project is, it could take the better part of a year to add a second story. You also have to consider things like noise disturbance and how some rooms might be difficult to access. Essentially, you’ll need to sacrifice a lot for a good amount of time. As long as you focus on the outcome, you can make it through this time.

Adding another story to your house may be the biggest renovation you ever undergo. It’s not something that can be easily done or undone, so you need to make sure that you’re doing it with total confidence that it’s the right decision. If your house and finances can support adding a second story, then you could have your house feel even more like home.

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