Your driveway serves a number of different functions. You use your driveway as an access point from the street to your home. It’s also an area that adds overall curb appeal to your property. The driveway can even be a safe place for your children to play when they’re outside. Just like other areas of your home and property, there is maintenance that goes into protecting your driveway. The elements can do quite a number on the concrete, stones, or blacktop that you have as your driveway surface.

Cleaning Your Driveway

If you regularly clean your driveway, this can help protect the surface for years to come. You don’t want to let dirt or debris accumulate on this surface. This can lead to damage from trapped water, ice, etc. The method you use for cleaning your driveway will really be determined by the type of material that your driveway is made out of. Blacktop is very durable and can be power washed according to Midwest Pro Wash. Stone is typically a little softer. Using something gentler like a normal hose stream and soft brush would be a better option.

Sealing Your Driveway

You can choose to seal your driveway on your own, but there are professional companies that will come and take care of the sealing process for you. Sealcoating provides durable protection from the elements and extends the life of the driveway, according to Mid-State Paving & Sealcoating. You should have a concrete sealer or another similar product, applied once per year. Not only does it offer a new level of protection, but this is also a fresh new look for your driveway. It can really boost your curb appeal.

Seal Cracks

It’s important that you seal the surface of your driveway periodically, but you also want to make sure that you address any cracks that have taken place on your driveway. These cracks often form from normal settling, but you shouldn’t leave cracks alone. Water can get into the cracks. As the temperature outside fluctuates, this can lead to the cracks becoming more pronounced. Eventually, the crack can spread and cause a lot of damage to your driveway. According to M&M True Value Hardware, there are a number of products you can find at your local hardware store that will allow you to patch small cracks yourself.

Maintaining your driveway isn’t a difficult process, it just takes some time here and there. You likely make time to clean your gutters out and mow your lawn. Taking care of your driveway is just another item to add to your list of home maintenance needs. If you don’t have the time, don’t put your driveway maintenance on the back burner. Hire a professional to get the job done for you.

Taking great care of your home helps immensely in your home’s value when it comes time to sell. Reach out to us for assistance in selling your home.