Updating your home can be as simple as a paint job. However, if you’re getting ready to move walls as well as paint them, it’s a good idea to hire some help. When deciding which project to tackle first, carefully consider your time budget as well as your bank account. Here are three things to consider when approaching your home improvement projects.

DIY or Hiring a Professional?

The first step to deciding if you should DIY a project is to determine the safety risk to yourself and your home. Poor plumbing can destroy your foundation. Poor wiring can burn the place down. If you’ve never used a reciprocating saw or changed out an outlet before, get some guidance from a handyman. Start slowly and develop your skills over time so you can work effectively and safely. In addition, a slow start to your DIY roster will make it easier to build your collection of tools. Focusing on smaller tasks will enable you to finish things before you start a new project.

Figuring Out the Budget

If you’re doing the work yourself, the cost of the project will center around supplies. Should you determine that the project is big and complex enough to need a contractor, take the time to collect at least three bids. You’ll also need to review their references. If possible, do a visual inspection of one of their projects. Don’t panic if the bids come in higher than you expected. A certain amount is set aside for errors on a custom bid for any project. Unexpected expenses can crop up in the middle of a project.

Factor in Your Time

Remember that a contractor can spend the whole day working on your house while you’re at the office. If you plan too many projects to complete on your own, you may soon find that all of your money and time are going into the house. Your relationships may suffer. You may even come to resent the house. If money is a concern, try to focus on settling into the parts of the house that you can live with for now. Save up or wait until you can tap into existing equity. At that point, hire a contractor to help you with bigger projects.

Turning your house into a home you can love is tremendously rewarding. The path to learning to do your own home repair can be daunting. Some of the projects can be dangerous. Be patient and don’t tear up more than you can fix in the time you have.

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