Changing the square footage of your home is a huge commitment. You may have a hard time selling the house for what you have in it if you overbuild. Renovations are messy and time-consuming. Before you build, work to increase the feeling of space in your home.

Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors to interior walls is a great way to make your house look bigger. Mirrors on the ceiling can enhance the room’s natural light. This trick of light helps make rooms look bigger than they really are. If the mirror is framed, you just need to find a wall stud and put up a secure hanger to mount a mirror. If you’re going all out, you could even hire a professional to glue mirror panels directly to surfaces in your home. With the right help, you can use mirrors to terrific effect.

Remove Clutter

Try to create flat, open spaces. If you have bookcases, don’t load up each shelf. Use a bookend to make a space for a beloved figurine or photograph. Take care when hanging photos and paintings as well. Many tiny framed photos on a wall can look cluttered and frenetic. Instead, hang one large painting and be done. If you have an open space, hang a picture in a far room that can be seen from the main entryway. Such an image will draw the visitor in and across the space, creating a sense of distance.

Create Storage in Furniture

As you declutter, consider spaces in your home where you can add a piece of furniture that will serve as storage. Near the front door, consider installing a storage bench where you can drop off items such as your backpack, purse and shoes. Here, you can also store winter gear and umbrellas. Add a seating bench under the main window in your living room. Games, furniture throws and additional pillows can all fit in the bench. It’s important to manage storage wisely. If you’re storing items inside a bench in July because you’ll need them in December, you’re making good use of your storage. If you’re storing things in a bench because you don’t know what to do with them, decide if you need them at all before storing them.

You don’t need a bigger house to enjoy a spacious feel. Carefully review your home to make sure that the items you’re making room for are actually worth hanging on to. Just because you spent a lot of money on something doesn’t make the investment of storing it a good idea.

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