Let’s face it: investing in a home can be a frightening and intimidating process. Whether it is your first time buying or your fifteenth, the anxiety that comes along with signing the papers is sometimes hard to face. Luckily, you are not alone during the process. The real estate agent you work with is just as invested in finding you an amazing home as you are. While you are searching for your new home, be sure to remember these four tips.

An Open House is not the same as a private viewing

Many realtors trying to sell their client’s home will arrange an Open House where anyone who is interested in or curious about the home can walk in, pick up a brochure, and explore the house at will. Sometimes the realtors will even offer refreshments! However, an Open House should only be the start of your home-buying process. To really see the home and its features, your real estate agent should arrange a private viewing where the agent can help you understand the features and drawbacks of the house.


Spread out your schedule

Unless you are desperate to find a place to live, try not to see too many houses during one day. It is easy to get the homes mixed up when you explore a lot of them back to back. Instead, arrange your schedule so that you see, on average, two homes a day. Once you have left the tour, jot down some quick notes about your likes and dislikes. Share these concepts with your real estate agent so that he or she can find more homes that fit your preferred style.

Try not to be too picky

The only way to find a perfect house is to design and build it yourself from the ground up. No single house is going to have absolutely everything you are looking for in the exact way you want it to be designed. Instead of touring house after house to find the “perfect fit,” reign in your expectations and look for potential in the homes. The house may not have granite countertops, for example, but if the layout is ideal, then you can consider the cost of installing granite countertops instead of waiting to find something that is laid out perfectly and has the perfect design.




Do your research

Your real estate agent will do most of the research on the homes they show you themselves, but looking things up independently is never a bad idea. Do a quick search on the home you want to buy to check out the local school system, crime rate, and a brief history of the home. Most people who purchase a home plan to live there for quite a while, so making sure there are not any nasty surprises is important.




The time it takes to find a home that fits you can vary; some people get lucky and find their dream home in a day, while others search for several months. Regardless, these four reminders will help you take a step back and consider the benefits of your purchase before you make a big decision. A house cannot be a home unless you enjoy living there, so take your time to choose a place that is right for you.