At Ashby & Graff Real Estate we are committed to supporting democracy and fostering a culture of civic engagement. In addition to supporting our sales associates, brokers and employees in voting, another way we live up to that commitment is by sharing opportunities for you to contribute to efforts to get out the vote in your community this fall.

Select Volunteer Opportunities:

Get your network registered and ready to vote. There is no better way to help get out the vote than to ensure the people in your life and in your community are prepared to vote. Join’s Relational Organizing program for guided prompts, tools, and guidance that make it easy to to help your friends, family, and social networks vote.

Volunteer as a poll worker. The pandemic has made recruiting and retaining poll workers especially challenging. In order to keep the polls open and ensure everyone can vote, we need your help. Join the Voter Protection Corps to ensure that all voters have access to a safe and fair election. Sign up here to become a poll worker today.

Support your friends and family in voting. One of the ways to support the others in voting is to offer childcare or elder care while an individual goes to cast their ballot. In many areas, you can also volunteer to drive people to the polls. Community support during elections is crucial to making sure everyone’s voice is heard. 

Take time off to vote. As part of Ashby & Graff Real Estate’s commitment to democracy, we offer all of our front and back office employees 3 hours of paid time off to vote and volunteer. Our sales associates and brokers – as independent contractors – are not eligible for paid time off but we still encourage them to devote some or all of the day to civic engagement. Please visit for everything you need to vote. 

For additional resources on the election and voting process, check out’s Voter Toolkit.