Part of owning a home comes with the responsibility of performing regular maintenance. Home maintenance prolongs the life of your home and decreases major expenses later down the road. Appliances like washing machines, HVAC systems, and refrigerators need to be part of the maintenance schedule to help you avoid major problems in the future.

Washing Machine

Washing machines tend to break down often, especially when you need them most. Part of this is because of all the small parts working so closely together, the other part is because water is involved. The spin cycle on a washing machine can take its toll. Avoid frequent breakdowns by splitting the number of items you wash into different loads and washing bedding in industrial machines. Keep your washing machine up and running by regularly cleaning the drum, fixing loose pieces, and avoid putting items in the machine that could otherwise damage it.

HVAC Systems

Your HVAC system controls the airflow in and out of your home. Periodically you will need to replace certain parts to avoid an overhaul of the system. For example, dirty air filters force your HVAC unit to work even harder, which can lead to a breakdown. You must also lubricate the HVAC motor and replace the fan belt when it stops running efficiently. Cleaning the AC condensation drain will help prevent unnecessary bacteria from infecting your home. HVAC systems require diligent maintenance to prolong the life and utility you experience from them.


The average refrigerator will last thirteen years in your home. A refrigerator that does not receive proper maintenance, like regular cleanings, and repair evaluations, will not last as long. Unfortunately, if your refrigerator slows down and breaks you risk spoiling all the food you have stored. Signs your refrigerator is running slow include a fridge that is hot to the touch, condensation visible, excessive noise, and even a buildup of frost in the freezer. If you notice these problems, call a repairman or consider replacing the appliance.

When maintenance is regularly performed on appliances, the life of the appliance is extended. There are more utility and eco-friendly benefits that come from updates. Part of your home maintenance should include checking the function of appliances like your washing machine, HVAC system, and refrigerator. A small fix is always easier and cheaper than a costly mistake later down the road.

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