The City of Sports

Right across the Bay from San Francisco, Oakland is a small city with a population of 400,000 and an ideal place for sports fans. Two professional sports teams will keep you cheering throughout the year. The Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association and the Oakland Athletics, a Major League Baseball team are both hometown teams (well, The Warriors now play in San Francisco technically, but that’s another story). Sorry Raiders fans – you’re going to have to head to Las Vegas, NV to catch your favorite team at home since they moved out of Oakland in 2020.  But Oakland has more than professional sports. Boating, saltwater and freshwater fishing, SCUBA diving, birding, hiking and biking along the Bay or in the mountains, golf, horseback riding: all are readily available. When it comes to sports, Oakland has it.

Things to do in Oakland:

  • Theater – The Fox Theater, built in 1928, is famous for both its live music concerts and its art deco style. The Paramount, also build in the same era and also art deco, offers the Oakland symphony concerts and ballet, along with other concerts. Other theaters run old classics, foreign films and Indies. And for summer fun, there’s the Woodminster Amphitheater in Joaquin Miller Park for outdoor music and live drama in the summer.
  • Parks – A hike up a beautiful canyon in the hills will be a great start to your day in Leona Heights Park. In Piedmont Park, you can get an off-leash tag for your dog and let your furry friend have incredible fun. And for peace and relaxation, Redwood Regional Park is perfect. There are dozens of other parks throughout the town.
  • Nightlife – Uptown is a swinging place.
  • And don’t forget the Oakland zoo.

Oakland has friendly neighborhoods where you’ll be proud to call home. Sports fan or not, you will love Oakland.

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