Santa Monica

Santa Monica


If you follow Interstate Highway I-10 to its very end, you will find yourself on the Santa Monica Pier, an American icon. This town is lively. There’s so much to do. The Santa Monica Pier has an amusement park, complete with a Ferris wheel and a roller-coaster, an aquarium, street performers, food and fun, concerts, and even a trapeze school.

If you’re the outdoors type, you’ll want to explore the hiking and biking trails in the Santa Monica Mountains, which are practically at your doorstep. There’s the 26 mile bike path along the ocean, as well as Ocean Avenue and Palisades Park, and, of course, Santa Monica Beach.

The City at the End of the Highway

Schools are top rated and the city is frequently listed in the top twenty best cities to call home in Southern California. Truly, no matter who you are, the entertainment possibilities are endless. From Disneyland and Universal Studios theme parks to the night life in LA, concerts and theaters, and the glorious outdoors of Southern California, it’s all close to Santa Monica. The restaurants in town offer a wide array of fantastic food.

There are a variety of neighborhoods in the town, from very upscale to more affordable, as well as apartments and areas where you can rent. Santa Monica is just plain ole’ fun.

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