Seal Beach

Seal Beach


The waves break gently on the sandy shore of Seal Beach. The town of Seal Beach is small, only 24,000 people. The atmosphere is small town friendly, a place where you can get to know people and make friends easily.

Here are all the benefits of gorgeous southern California without hordes of tourists. The town and beach are not as well known as the neighboring towns of Huntington Beach and Long Beach and the locals love it that way. Main Street has some excellent restaurants and small boutiques, jewelry stores, a surfboard maker and souvenir shops. Take a stroll past the stores. Stop for a snack or a meal. The town is charming.

The Pacific Meets Paradise

The beach extends from the jetty protecting the mouth of Anaheim Bay to the mouth of the San Gabriel River. The Municipal Pier is a great place for photography, sunsets, and just kicking back.

Whether it’s swimming, relaxing on the beach, or surfing, Seal Beach is a perfect place to watch the waves of the endless Pacific roll in.


Average Residential price $719.6K Based on 112 Residential listings.
Priced from $200,000 to $8,000,000.
Luxury Homes 25 Homes listed over $1M
New in the last 30 days 45 +40% over prev 30 days

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