West Hollywood

West Hollywood


During the early part of the twentieth century, the area that has become West Hollywood refused to be annexed by Los Angeles. It remained an unincorporated part of Los Angeles County. And because gambling was illegal in LA, but not in the county, casinos and nightclubs grew up in the area along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. As the years passed, Sunset Strip became a draw for the tourist trade.

Throughout the last century, West Hollywood been a source of pride for the LGBTQ community. The day WeHo (as the locals call it) was incorporated, the newly elected mayor and the entire city council marched into a restaurant in town and took down a sign, offensive to the LGBTQ community. The same spunky attitude has made this little city a haven for tolerance for the past forty years. 

Diversity and Tolerance

West Hollywood absolutely pops. There are festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating LGBTQ pride as well as other fairs celebrating various ethnic communities. There are parades and street performers. Excellent restaurants and quaint shops line Melrose Avenue along with art galleries, and Santa Monica Blvd remains a popular draw for tourists and residents alike. The unique Pacific Design Center is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art. West Hollywood is an extraordinary town – perfect for anyone. Could it be just the right home for you?

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