Top Home Design Trends for 2019

Top Home Design Trends for 2019

Your home is your sanctuary, and its décor should reflect your taste and style. However, styles change and evolve, and if your home environment has been feeling stale, it’s time to innovate. If you’re moving into a new home or you just want a fresh start, there are plenty of exciting emerging trends to inspire you.

The following are some of the top interior design trends you can expect (and use as inspiration) in the upcoming year:

Minimalist Design

The trend of “less is more” will continue in 2019. Simple lines and geometric shapes have a soothing effect and can be accessorized however you wish to create the ideal atmosphere for your tastes and preferences. This style is especially popular in condos and can help make smaller homes feel more spacious.

Cool Color Schemes

Earth tones and bright whites are being replaced by cooler hues and shades of gray. The result is a modern, contemporary feel that is also versatile and easy to accent and accessorize.


Decorating with an eye (and a conscience) for the environment is another growing trend in interior design. Making eco-friendly choices in carpet, wood flooring and furniture helps to create a home you can feel good in – and about. Look for cork wood floors, VOC-free paints and beeswax finishes instead of chemical-infused options. Using recycled and reclaimed materials can also contribute to sustainable interior design choices that are kind to the environment.

Open Floor Plans and Inviting Spaces

In an age where technology is making some aspects of life easier, the downside is a potentially isolating effect. Open floor plans in homes can help to offset this. Interior design featuring furniture placement that invites more family interaction can help bring you together even as you’re all using your smartphones or tablets.

Antique Accents

Modern décor themes are also being accented with a few choice antique pieces for an intriguing effect. Lightly distressed surfaces in furniture and accessories makes the home environment more inviting. Enjoy the effect of antique charm by adding select pieces that complement your theme or act as an appealing counterpoint to more modern elements. (Related: From Brady to BoHo Chic: Design Trends That Could Influence the Brady Bunch House Makeover)

Eye-Catching Details

While minimalist designs and simple, linear shapes are on trend, it’s the little things that count. Broad surfaces are accented with details like embroidered fabric, classic chinoiserie, embellished corners or designer sequins. These special touches bring style and artistry to your interior space without being overbearing.

Metallic Surfaces

Expect to see sleek metal looks in home design as well for 2019. However, instead of cold, unapproachable finishes, the trend is toward warm effects like copper and chrome. Anodized surfaces are also on trend, allowing for both bold colors and subdued finishes. This process allows for intriguing and unexpected metallic effects like purple, burgundy or smoky gray. The result is a subtle glow behind splashes of color.


While the coming year will generally dial back on earth tones, there is one warmer color that we are seeing more of: terracotta, that subtle brown-orange hue so popular in classic flower pot designs. Shades of this appealing color are appearing in wall paint choices, drapery, furniture and even flooring. There are a range of versions of this color from gold-yellow to rust to deep brown, and decorating with this palette warms up your space while remaining easy to accessorize.

Contrasting Textures

While color palettes are generally becoming more subdued going into the new year, this dialing back is balanced out with an increase in textures. A tactile effect ensures interior design choices are never boring. Rich fabric choices include suede, leather and velvet. Touchable patterns and textured surfaces are gracing furniture, floors and even walls. Linear furniture designs are complemented by a piece or two that is more sculptural.

Country Chic

This look is ideal for vacation homes, cabins, beach houses or as a way to bring rural charm into a city home or condo. This trend overlaps with the movement toward sustainability as incorporating reclaimed wood and furniture gives this look authenticity. Artfully worn furniture and accessories bring a relaxing feel. Structural lines, linen fabrics and muted colors define this look, but don’t be afraid to add a splash or color like lemon yellow or cornflower blue. Vintage tools, signs and artwork can help complete the look.

The upcoming year is full of possibilities, including for your home décor. Use these 10 top home design trends to inspire your décor in 2019.

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