As soon as Meghan Markle’s bridal gown hit the public, future brides began studying it to see what will work for them. Markle’s gown, like all royal wedding gowns, is sure to become a classic inspiration for brides who dream of a gorgeous and memorable wedding day of their own. 

Here are seven wedding gown details from Meghan’s dress that are sure to become incredibly popular.

1950s Style

The cut and overall shape of Markle’s royal wedding gown has a retro, 1950s vibe that makes a sophisticated statement. Brides may choose to make this tailored look their own by opting for a shorter skirt.

Sweet and Simple

The recent obsession with wedding gown bling has created a call to bring back the simple look. Many of today’s brides, including Meghan Markle, are choosing to look sweet and demure in plain white fabric with few, if any, details.

The simple construction of the royal gown makes it challenging to wear. With no details to distract, the fabric has to lay perfectly across the body and be flawless. Non-royal brides will probably be choosing a similar gown in the flattering A-line cut with a few seams to add structure.

Cathedral-Length Train

Brides have stepped away from the idea of a train because the look once seemed old-fashioned, and the piece can be complicated to maneuver. But Meghan Markle’s elegant and amazing cathedral-length train will be reminding brides exactly why that style was once so popular.

Look for long veils with long trains at weddings soon. These also will pair with a shorter train on the gown itself.

Three-Quarter-Length Sleeves

There was once a time when finding anything other than a strapless dress was nearly impossible. These days, from capped to puffy, sleeves are in style in a big way.

Meghan Markle rocked the wedding gown sleeves with stylish, perfectly tailored three-quarter length sleeves.

Boat Neckline

This neckline is an elongated, shallow scoop rarely seen in wedding gowns, but that is about to change. The boat neck, sometimes more elegantly referred to as a bateau, is flattering to almost every shape. It also gives a hint of casual freedom to what is otherwise a very formal dress. Boat necklines are typically low enough to show off some of the shoulders as well.

Embroidered Veil

Not every bride can have a veil with flowers hand-embroidered over 16 feet of tulle, but many will try to come close.

Embroidered detail on a wedding veil stands out against a simple gown, so this pairing is likely to be popular. It is also a great way to make a personal statement. Meghan Markle’s dress, embroidered with flowers, was explicitly symbolic of Great Britain. Other brides can choose a pattern that expresses something about themselves or the wedding day.


A tiara on a bride is like the cherry on top of a sundae, and it’s the perfect way to feel instantly like a princess.

Tiaras were out of style for several years in the bridal world, but they have returned. The royal wedding is likely to make them even more popular.

Tiaras can be simple and elegant or elaborate and ornate. They add some sparkle, helping to create that dreamy glow in a bride’s face, and they look fantastic under a sheer veil.

Look forward to tiaras in all sizes and styles in upcoming wedding seasons.

High profile weddings like those in the royal family will always have a significant impact on bridal trends. These are seven ways you can expect to see Meghan Markle’s ceremony gown influence future brides.