With an endless supply of sunshine and hiking trails, it’s no wonder Los Angeles is one of the
healthiest cities in the United States. From yoga and pilates to matcha teas and acai bowls,
Angelenos are at the forefront of nearly every health trend known to man. While some trends
don’t make it past their fifteen minutes of fame, others continue to win over health aficionados
time and time again.

Juice bars are a dime a dozen in the city of angels and for good reason; they’re delicious,
nutritious, and a great addition to any balanced diet. The right kinds of juice are rich in vitamins,
boost immunity, and lower high blood pressure. They serve as an anti-inflammatory and help rid
the body of harmful toxins. Fresh juices can be high in fiber, slowly releasing nutrients into the
bloodstream that help you feel fuller longer. Specific blends are a natural alternative to help heal
a variety of health- related issues. Lemonade is great for thwarting kidney stones while grape
juice helps to boost brain function. Prune juice helps with digestion and the lycopene found in
tomato juice can reduce the risk of certain cancers. With hundreds of juice bars in Los Angeles
alone, it might be hard to find the right juice bar for you. Here’s our guide to the four best places
in Los Angeles to drink your way to a healthier lifestyle:


Liquid Juice Bar

This sleek spot for raw & organic juices, smoothies, acai bowls & wellness shots on Melrose Ave will satisfy whatever healthful recharge you’re craving. We love “The Cure”, a hangover elixir of green apple, cucumber, kale, ginger, lemon, aloe vera juice and mineral salt. Don’t forget your rewards card at Liquid Juice Bar – just 10 purchases gets you a drink on the house. You’re guaranteed to find more than one favorite at Juice Served Here.


Pressed Juicery

As one of the first established juice bars in Los Angeles, Pressed Juicery is still one of the most
popular choices for the finest juice this side of the Prime Meridian. From root-based to green,
coffee- infused to citrus based, Pressed Juicery offers a wide assortment of options to help you
get your healthy on. You can also choose one of their three-day cleanses to take your health
regimen up a notch. With over ten locations in Los Angeles, you won’t have any trouble finding
a Pressed Juicery near you.


Moon Juice

Located in Silver Lake and Venice, Moon Juice is the hippie answer to the juice bar phenomena.
Its surprising blend of ingredients, like rainbow chard and bee pollen, make it well worth the
three- dollar sign rating on Yelp. Their medicinal moon tonics and dusts are completely unique
to their brand and are made from minerals and herbs to enhance your mind, body, and spirit.
Each bottle of juice is chock full of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, offering the most nutrient-
dense juice in the greater Los Angeles Area.


Erewhon Natural

If you blink, you might miss it. Tucked away in the trendy Beverly Boulevard market is one of
the juice world’s best kept secrets. Erewhon Natural offers juice blends that are free of additives,
raw, and a hundred percent organic. Tonic tenders behind the bar are like the mixologists of the
juice world; they know exactly what you need and can execute it perfectly.

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