Do you want to improve your home’s value without spending thousands? You don’t need to carry out an entire extension or remodel. There are many cheap and sometimes even free ways to increase your home value. Whether you’re planning on selling soon or merely want to be prepared, these fixes will help you.

Here are seven of the best cheap and free ways to increase your home value.

Clean Up and Declutter

If you want a completely free way to improve your property value, clean it up. Before potential homebuyers come to visit, you should always vacuum and remove any mess. It also helps to declutter your house- get rid of any junk and make it look as appealing as possible.

To raise the value substantially, make sure you do a deep clean. Get behind the appliances and clean out any grime. Clean the oven and make sure the bathroom is immaculate. You should also make sure there’s no mold anywhere. If there is, use a mold remover and consider getting a dehumidifier. (Related: 3 Things to Consider Before Throwing Our All Your Stuff)

When buyers come to visit, having a sparkling-clean house will increase your chances of getting a better offer. It helps them to know they won’t have to put in any extra work to get rid of stains and marks around the home.

Give Your House a Fresh Paint Job

Another way to give your house a fresh new look is with a new paint job. Buying a few liters of paint with some rollers and brushes barely costs anything. Plus, making your walls look brand new will give you a high return on your investment.

You might want to style rooms based on the mood. Green is meant to be good for relaxation, making it an excellent color to use in a bedroom or bathroom. Red stimulates the mind, so it’s suitable for the dining room. If you want to get creative, you could even try a two-tone wall or use stencils in the children’s bedrooms.

Let There Be Light

One of the critical features that buyers look for in new homes is good lighting. You don’t want these to be too bright, but you do want them to make your rooms look spectacular.

Good-quality lights don’t cost that much. You might want to get lights with dimmer switches so that people can control the brightness of each room. Large, studio-style lights work great for places like the kitchen, where you need high visibility.

You could also look into getting some energy-saving light bulbs, which can conserve energy and reduce costs over time. New lighting will save you money while increasing the value of your home.

Shore Up the Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms when it comes to selling a home. In addition to being clean, you want these two rooms to stand out.

Upgrading your faucets and toilet seat in the bathroom is a simple change that can add some value. People want the bathroom to look fresh and new. You could also look into getting a new shower head. These changes are cheap and effective.

When it comes to the kitchen, upgrading the appliances can do wonders. Of course, this is slightly more expensive. Adding some new counters or storage features can also work. (Related: Fall is the Perfect Time for Home Repairs and Maintenance)

Improve Your Curb Appeal

You want your home to “wow” prospective buyers before they even step inside. That’s why curb appeal is one of the most important factors to getting a good offer on your property. Make sure your lawn is lean, green, and healthy.

If you want to take on a fun project, you could even plant some flowers on your front lawn. Extra greenery can make your home stand out and make people want to look inside.

These changes barely cost a thing and can increase your property value significantly. Make sure your curb has plenty of space and is free of any clutter or weeds.

Improve the Master Suite

Of course, another room every homebuyer will have a vested interest in is the master bedroom. If you style up yours right, you could be looking at much higher offers.

Having an ensuite will drive up sale prices immediately. Of course, this will take some investment, but it’s an upgrade that can result in a significant return on your investment.

But there are still many affordable ways to increase value in the master bedroom. Just adding a new bed set, complete with stylish pillows, will make it look fresh and modern. A wall-length mirror is another item viewers will want in their bedroom.

Add More Storage

The more things you can put away in storage, the more spacious your house will feel. Plus, buyers love having plenty of options when it comes to storage in any given room. All of this adds up to make for a much more valuable home.

Kitchen cabinets will help with this, as will a nice big wardrobe in the bedroom. Cabinets and chests of drawers can also be a nice feature- match them with the room’s decor for the best results.

Simple things like a shoe shelf and a pantry will also stand out to buyers. If they know they have places to put all of their stuff, they’ll be much more interested in buying the property. Adding some fresh and stylish storage options is an inexpensive project that allows you a good deal of flexibility.


These cheap and free ways to increase your home value can work wonders. You don’t have to spend thousands on a new extension or a full-scale remodel. Just spending a little time on improving the curb, the walls, and a few key rooms can help out big time. 

Doing these before selling your home is a must. However, even if you’re planning on sticking in the same place for a while, these fixes can make your home a much more enjoyable place to live.