The summer is here with us yet again. It’s time to be active and enjoy the outdoors once again. Unlike other seasons, the summer weather is usually more calm. This means that the time has come for you to do some basic house maintenance and fix areas that were previously hit by rain, harsh winds, and regular wear and tear from the previous seasons.

1. Check your Filters

When is the last time you replaced your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) filters? If they have been there for more than 3 months, they are past their recommended exchange period. According to manufacturers, you are supposed to replace your filters after every 30 days if you have more than one pet. If you have no pets, you should replace the filters after every 90 days.

There’s a high probability that you are going to turn on the air condition in your house this summer. So that you can avoid any breathing problems, replace your filters because they could be dirty and clogged.

2. Clean your Windows 

Perhaps you didn’t get the chance to thoroughly clean your windows during spring. Get your window cleaning soap ready and use a light sponge to wipe the stains off your windows. You can ask the rest of your family to help out if your house has a lot of windows. Make sure that you also clean the edges since dirt and dust also settles there.

The reason why some people avoid washing their windows is because water tends to leave stains on the window glass as it is drying. You can easily get rid of these stains by using a newspaper to wipe the windows.

3. Protect the Yard Vegetation

The presence of sunlight is good for the grass and any other plants that you may have planted in the yard. Unfortunately, weeds may also grow in your yard and compete with your plants for water and nutrients. This slows down their growth.

This summer, add a layer of mulch to your garden. The mulch prevents weeds from growing. It also allows the ground to retain moisture and your plants to get all the water that they need. (Related: Starting a Vegetable Garden?)

4. Make Minor Adjustments to the Plants in the Yard

If you have perennials, like cornflowers and aster, in your yard, make sure that you remove the dead flower heads. This allows them to bloom properly during the summer and leave your garden looking beautiful and colorful.

You should also remove any dry leaves from plants. This allows the yard to retain that green look.

5. Clean your Carpet 

This summer, you should also think about thoroughly cleaning your carpet. There is enough sunshine to dry the carpet after you’ve thoroughly cleaned it so don’t be shy. You can use a detergent and pour some water as you scrub off the stains and detergent with a brush.

When you clean the carpet thoroughly with water, you get rid of any dust and allergens that may have accumulated on the carpet fiber.

6. Clean your Showerheads 

You are probably going to spend a lot of time in the showers this summer especially if you love swimming. It is usually advisable to take a shower after swimming in treated water because it allows you to get rid of the chemicals.

You should check your showerheads this summer to make sure that they are not blocked. The good thing is that it’s quite easy to clean your showerhead. The first thing that you have to do is fill a plastic bag with white vinegar, and then cover the showerhead with the bag. After 30 minutes, you can remove the bag. Then, turn the water back on to flush the vinegar. Any blocked holes should unclog themselves in the process.

7. Clean your Dryer Vent

You should check your dryer vent to make sure that they are not clogged or dirty. This is because lint build-up in that area can cause electrical fires.

After you clean your drier vents, you should also think about hanging your clothes out to dry because there is more than enough sunlight during the summer. This will help you reduce the amount that you pay on electricity bills.

8. Clean your Porch

Since there’s a high probability that you are going to spend most of your days outdoors this summer, you should clean your porch. If it has a lot of dirt that has gradually built up overtime, use a brush to scrub off the dirt.

After you’re done scrubbing, you can sweep the surface to get rid of the thin layers of dust or dirt. Then, finish the cleaning by mopping the surface with an all purpose cleaner.

9. Check and Fix your Roof

You should also check your roof’s condition this summer. If there was a storm that recently happened, your roof could be partially destroyed. Replace any loose shingles or roofing tiles to prevent future leakages.

10. Keep your Yard Looking Green

If you want your yard to remain green this summer, you have train your grass. Water your plants thoroughly 3 days a week. Make sure that the ground is soaked in water during these 3 days. The days don’t have to be simultaneous. You can water today and skip tomorrow.

On the days that you don’t water the grass, the plant is forced to use up whatever water it can find. As a result, it develops a deep root system.

11. Check the House for Any Leaks

During the summer, you pay more for your bills because most homes use up a lot of energy during this period. As a result, you have to find ways to reduce your bills. Faucet leaks can lead to huge water bills.

This summer, look and listen for leaks in your home’s piping system. Go outside and check whether the yard faucet is dripping. If you identify any leaks, call a plumber to get the area fixed.

12. Clean your Gutters

You should also clean your gutters this summer. This is because the area may be clogged with leaves and other debris. If you don’t get rid of the debris, rain water can easily build up in those gutters and damage your roof.

Wear a pair gloves, get yourself a ladder, and climb up to clean the gutter by hand. Carefully pick all the dirt from one spot on the gutter before moving the ladder to a different area. After you are done removing most of the large dirt, you can run water over the gutter to remove the small debris. Make it a habit to clean your gutters after every 6 months.

Final Thoughts

Use the above tips to make sure that your home and yard are clean and safe this summer. The good thing about most of these maintenance tips is that you don’t have to do them regularly. After you’re finished with one chore, you can go enjoy yourself.