Hosting guests overnight in your home is a great way to spend time with family members and friends who mean the most to you. Whether you are planning to host family for the holidays or if you are hosting a gathering with old friends, there are a few surprising items that your overnight guests may want in their rooms to help make their visit as comfortable as possible.

Your WiFi Password

One item that most guests may want but may not think to ask about upon arrival is your wireless network password. Consider creating a decorative card with your wireless internet name and password printed in letters that are easy to read. You can also include your home’s WiFi name and password on a page that is designed to inform your guests of the location of towels and other amenities have stocked the room prior to their arrival.

Space to Unpack

When a guest arrives, having an open dresser or closet is one way to maximize the level of comfort they experience. Ensuring your guests have enough space to unpack if they choose to do so is a way for them to feel as if they are at a home away from home. Consider emptying any dressers or chests that you currently have in your guest room to provide more space for those who stay with you overnight or for extended periods of time.


Consider providing an additional prepackaged toothbrush for guests who arrive without one. When packing, it is not uncommon to forget packing your toothbrush, especially if you are traveling to family members or friends homes. It is also not uncommon to forget to pack your toothbrush if you use it just before leaving your home to begin your trip.

Extra Pillows and Blankets

Even if you have recently washed your guest room sheets and comforters, it is advisable to stock your guest room with additional sheets and blankets. Provide your guests with an array of blanket and sheet types to choose from while keeping extras available in a nearby closet for cold nights and additional or unexpected guests.

Additional Toiletries

Stock additional toiletries for your overnight guests, such as shaving razors, body wash, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste. It is also important to stock your nearest (or guest) bathroom with additional towels and washcloths for the number of days you expect your guest to stay. Place a hamper for dirty towels inside of the nearest bathroom to help your guest keep their space organized and free from dirty or used laundry. Ensure your overnight guests have all of the necessities they may need to remain comfortable throughout their stay. Consider all of the necessities and toiletries you prefer when traveling and staying in a hotel or when renting a home while shopping for the items you intend to use to stock your guest rooms.


While it is not necessary to do, stocking water bottles or a water jug is one way to keep your guests from feeling dehydrated. Providing your guests with easily accessible water is highly recommended, even if you do not have refrigeration or filtration within the guest area space in your home. Offering bottled water prevents dehydration while also offering your guest a drink at any time of the day or night. If possible, consider using a mini-fridge inside of each of your guest rooms to offer water, juices, and additional refrigerated snacks for guests who are planning to stay with you overnight.

Tissue and Toilet Paper

Stock all of your guest bedrooms and bathrooms with additional tissue along with toilet paper. Verify that each of your guest rooms is stocked with an adequate amount of toilet paper and tissue when hosting guests overnight.

Accessories and Beauty Products

If you are planning to host women or guests who enjoy beauty and makeup products, consider stocking your guest rooms with traditional beauty and makeup products along with classic accessories. Hair ties, barrettes, clips, and even bobby pins are all hair items that are useful for guests who have long hair or prefer styling their hair while getting ready in the morning. Traditional beauty products to stock for guests may include:

  • Hairbrush
  • Hair Straightener
  • Blow Dryer
  • Comb
  • Water Spray Bottle
  • Hairspray
  • Hair Gel
  • Hair Mousse
  • Pins/Ties/Barrettes
  • Floss


Whenever you are hosting a professional or an individual who enjoys dressing formally or for business, consider stocking the closet in your guest room with a variety of ties.

Sleep Masks

Providing your overnight guests with a variety of sleep masks is a kind gesture that will also provide additional darkness for those who have trouble sleeping anywhere outside of their homes.

Local Maps

Offer printouts of local maps for overnight guests who are unfamiliar with your city. Place the maps on a bedside table or on top of a dresser where they are clearly visible. Include nearby sights and local tourist destinations if possible to provide your guests with various options to choose from while they are visiting in town and planning their itinerary.

Takeout Menus

If you receive local takeout menus, place them in your guest room for those who visit and stay with you. Takeout menus may come in handy for guests who choose to venture out into a nearby city or for those who are interested in dining in for the evening while spending time with you.


If you have an available closet in your guest room, place a standing or table fan in it for overnight guests. Fans help with providing additional airflow to a room, even if you already use central air and heating. Some guests may find it much easier to sleep if they have a fan accessible to them, making their stay much more comforting and home-like.

Books and Reading Materials

Do you have favorite books and magazines you just love and want to share with the world? Consider placing them in your home’s guest rooms to offer those who stay with you an opportunity to indulge themselves. Placing reading material throughout each of your guest rooms is also a way to provide guests with additional activities if they are staying with you for more than a few days.

Prepping your home’s guest bedrooms prior to hosting guests is a way to gain peace of mind whenever planned or surprise guests arrive. By stocking your guest rooms each time a guest leaves your home, ensure that you are always prepared and ready for company.