Buying property in Beverly Hills is an expensive thought, as the majority of those on offer can cost quite a significant sum. This doesn’t mean that all of the houses in Beverly Hills cost roughly the same amount of money. In contrast, there’s a large range of price tags that might make some people’s jaws drop.

Many of the homes in Beverly Hills are known for being some of the most expensive in California, with some also helping to top the list across the United States. These houses are owned by some of the wealthiest, and most famous, people in the country.

There are a few in the area that will make almost everybody’s eyes water, with much of this being in jealousy at the amenities that they offer.

901 North Alpine Drive – $72M

Set across 1.5 acres of flat ground, this offers quite a a grand scale of luxury. The 11 bedroom property features a pool and spa, screening room, Greek-style gym, a game room, and even a library constructed of redwood, mahogany, and oak.

This is also one of the more prominent houses in Beverly Hills to feature Smart technology throughout the building, which further enhances its value and functionality. (Related: How to Rent Out Your Home for Filming)

The mansion is also set inside a gated community, which helps to add to its overall security, as well as the privacy that many people would come to expect from a house of this size.

1187 Hillcrest Rd. – $135M

This 18,000 square foot house sits on two-and-a-half acres and features a variety of beautiful amenities, with $2.5 million worth of Baccarat chandeliers being the tip of the iceberg. Alongside this are gold crown leaf moldings, large pavilions that offer spectacular views of the city, and even hand-woven carpets.

The large swimming pool also offers some spectacular views while allowing you to relax and cool off in privacy. With a price tag of $135 million, this is definitely one of the more expensive options on offer.

9505 Lania Ln. (Palazzo di Amore) – $149M

This 35,000 square foot mansion is set across over 25 acres and is one of the larger homes located in Beverly Hills. With several buildings on offer, there are also 12 bedrooms and 25 baths. One of the more alluring prospects is that the master suite is 5,000 square feet, which is more than what many other homes will offer.

Alongside this are a 15,000 square foot entertainment center, a working vineyard that creates seven types of wine, and a guest house. There are also a few hand-carved fireplace mantels scattered throughout the home, with one of these being in the master suite. With all of that on offer, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most expensive homes in the area. (Related: Hunting for Vintage Homes in Southern California)

67 Beverly Park Ct. – $165M

The HOA dues alone are $3,000 per month – so let’s just say your average Joe isn’t going to be able to afford to even dream about living in this place! “On over nine acres, accessed by its own street, this one-of-a-kind property took over seven year to create.”, says the listing description. The home features a massive 30-car courtyard surrounded by 40 ft. Canary Island palms. Inside awaits over 20,000 square feet of living space plus over 4 acres of backyard containing a pool, pool house, a 2-story guesthouse, a tennis court and a walking/jogging trail surrounding the estate.
For that person in your life who is extra in every imaginable way – 67 Beverly Park Ct. would be perfect!

1652 Tower Grv. – $650M

Well this isn’t technically one of the most expensive Beverly Hills homes, because it’s only a vacant plot of land. But calling it that is really doing this sweeping overlook a huge disservice.
Located at the highest peak in 90210, with a staggering 157 acres total lot and over 32 contiguous flat acres of pristine buildable land, and complete 360 degree, unobstructed views from Downtown sweeping across the entire city to the Pacific Ocean all the way to Catalina – it really is a remarkably unique opportunity reserved only for the wealthiest of the wealthy. And at $650 million, it’s actually a bargain considering the original list price of… ready for this? $1 BILLION dollars! The property saw a huge price cut in February 2019. Per the listing description: “The Crown Jewel of Beverly Hills is not just a name, it is indicative of what is being sold. The buyer of this land will own a piece of history, and in turn, own the Mountain of Beverly Hills.” So if you ever wanted to own a mountain, now’s your chance!