California’s car culture is one of the strongest in the United States. Perhaps the car culture is why mass transit has been slow to develop, as people like their freedom and love their cars. From the weather to the aesthetically appealing roads and excellent automotive shops and car shows, use these tips to make the most out of Southern California’s strong care culture.

The Legal Side

A person who becomes a California resident has 10 days to apply for a state driver’s license. The state offers RealID and standard driver’s licenses. California registration requires that drivers pass a driving test, written exam, and vision exam. In order to register a car in the state, drivers have to carry minimum levels of insurance, including $15,000 per person / $30,000 per accident for bodily harm, $5,000 minimum for property damage and $3,500 minimum for uninsured motorist property damage. Find an insurance company that will actually treat you right, and won’t try and bankrupt you if you get in an accident—State Farm is famous for this.

Check Out the History of California

California’s car culture is strongly associated with its culture and history in other areas. You could drive along the Avenue of the Giants, otherwise known as Highway 101. Towering redwoods, one of the state’s longstanding natural wonders, line the route. Historic Route 66 also passes through California, allowing you to see the buildings and locations from classic movies. You could pass through small towns that look just like they did fifty years ago and meet other car aficionados along the way.

Roads with a View

California’s long, scenic roads are another one of the leading reasons why the state has such a strong car culture. The Pacific Coast Highway is one prime example of the beautiful views that drivers and passengers can enjoy. In the densely populated Los Angeles area, Angeles Crest Highway and the Glendora Mountain Road are two routes that allow drivers to take in all of what the city has to offer.

California’s mostly sunny, mild weather also supports the state’s strong car culture. It’s easier to spend a weekend at a vintage car show or engage in a cruise-in under sunny skies or nighttime stars. The generally mild, dry weather also protects cars, keeping them free of the rust and corrosion that colder, wetter and snowier locales experience. Each of these features makes it easy to enjoy cars in California.

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