When you’re looking to sell your home, the way your property looks when someone views it from the street can determine whether or not it sells. If you are thinking about selling your home, you may want to give your curb appeal another look. Depending on the work that you have already done on your property, there are several things that you can do to increase the curb appeal so it can be more attractive to potential buyers.


You will want beautiful foliage around your property, but be careful and not overdo it, or it will lower your curb appeal instead of raising it. Be sure to choose planting locations so that the roots of trees cannot harm your home’s foundation. Pick trees and shrubs that require very little care so that homeowners looking at your property will not feel that they will be burdened with too much maintenance. Keep what you have in great shape while your home is on the market to make sure that potential buyers will be more attracted to your property.

Sealcoat the Driveway

A fresh coat of sealcoating can make your driveway look superb without having to start from scratch. Sealcoating also seals any small cracks so that they do not become more prominent. Before the sealcoating crew arrives, make sure to clean along the edges of your driveway. Wash off any spills, such as car oil or brake fluid before your driveway gets sealcoated for the best results.


Amenities, like a patio or a deck, can add curb appeal to your property. If you construct anything using concrete, make sure it’s rated appropriately for the weather in your area to avoid cracking and damage. One of the hottest trends is to create an outdoor kitchen centered around your grill, and it is sure to raise your property’s value. You may also want to consider where people will sit so that they can visit in small groups or find solitude.


Improving your outdoor lighting is almost sure to add to the property’s curb appeal. Using solar lights often adds to the beauty of your property without having to dig up your yard to lay electrical lines. A few well-lit pathways around your house can not only reassure potential buyers that the home can be more secure, but can also set a nice mood in the yard. Let a little of the light shine on your house number so that people who are doing evening house hunting can easily see which property is for sale.

Following these simple tips will increase your home’s curb appeal. Complete them before you list your home for sale, and watch it move quickly for your asking price.

Once you have a great curb appeal and want to sell your house, let us know! Contact us and we can help you sell your home in no time.