A great California beach party can be a truly epic event that will be talked about and fondly remembered for years to come. If you are planning on throwing the next killer California beach party, plan for it well ahead of time with these tips.

Fun and Games

You probably don’t need a great deal of gaming going on at your beach party, but some physical activity can be fun. It’d be very easy to set up a volleyball net on the beach, off the way just a bit, and let the players take it from there. For the most part, the guests will be there to eat, drink, socialize and maybe take a refreshing dip in the ocean. But, having a game to play will certainly win you some fans from those who like to party this way.

Food and Drink

Party goers enjoy eating, but nothing really complicated. Naturally, burgers and hot dogs and brats are party staples that are always popular. Bring out a couple of grills, and keep the food cooking all throughout the party. If you have a friend that enjoys doing the grilling, recruit them to help out. Put out a small table with refreshing drinks, condiments and buns. Paper plates, napkins and a few lined trash barrels will be needed nearby. Chips and salsa and other sides are always popular. Just remember that people aren’t there for the purpose of eating; it’s just a nice thing that makes people happy, and quite frankly, it’s expected at any party. If alcoholic beverages are consumed, make sure to do so responsibly—California is pretty strict about DUI offenses.

Music and Entertainment

Music is really important for a great party, as we all know. Make sure the music you play is appropriate for the age group you expect to have at your party. Playing nothing but new hip-hop and techno won’t go over well with guests who enjoy Def Leppard, AC/DC, and music of that era, so make sure to play a variety of genres to keep everyone happy. Little boomboxes may not be powerful enough if the party is really big and widespread. If the need exists and you have a general idea of how big this party might be, perhaps make some calls to companies that specialize in providing music services to such events. Bringing in a company with their equipment and a DJ can really be a huge positive for the party. It can really make the music part of your party more fun and stress-free for you as the host of the party.

So, plan early, make the necessary calls to secure the beach space, and give your guests plenty of time to plan on your party. The next killer California beach party is coming, and this time it will be yours!

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