Marijuana became legal in the state of California on January 1, 2018. CBD was included in this legislation as well, which applies to anyone over the age of 21. If you have a valid cannabis identification card that was issued in the state of California, you can legally purchase CBD from a recreational dispensary or company. With so many different health benefits being experienced by people all over the world while taking CBD, it seems like an easy decision to at least try it out. There are a number of different forms of CBD that you can take, and there are different growing methods and extraction processes. There are a number of things you should know before trying CBD.

Use Laws

In order to legally use CBD in the state of California, certain criteria must be met. The person obtaining the CBD should be a qualified patient who is using it for a medical condition of some sort. Among other things, this includes seizures, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, cancer, chronic pain, and AIDS. An identification card can be issued by the state. The person with the identification card would be able to use CBD, and there is an option to allow a caregiver to obtain the products for you.

Extraction Method

There are a couple different methods of extraction used to isolate the CBD from the rest of the cannabis plant before it is mixed with a carrier oil such as olive oil. One method uses chemical solvents. This isn’t very safe. You could end up consuming some of the harmful chemicals when you take your daily dose of CBD. According to Hara, using CO2 to extract CBD oil is the cleanest extraction method. There aren’t any chemicals used in the CO2 technique.

THC Content

In order for CBD to be legally sold in the state of California, the THC content of the product must be below 0.3%. You can obtain this information from third-party lab results that most reputable brands will provide to consumers. If you come across a brand that doesn’t provide this kind of information, you’ll want to keep looking for another that you can trust more easily.

Since CBD has so many health benefits, it isn’t surprising that California decided to include it in the recent legislation. Before you take CBD, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the CBD market, research some of the products that are out there and understand the California laws that control CBD. This research will help you choose a CBD product that is legal, safe and pure.

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