Transforming a home into your dream home can be fun and very satisfying that involves replacing the old features of the house into new features of your choice. Before you begin your renovation, you need to decide the kind of improvement that you want to do. Does the roof need to be repainted, do you need a new kitchen or a living room makeover? To achieve your dreams, you have to plan carefully and consider your finances. The renovation process requires several including equipment needed to transport heavy materials. This article gives you some ideas regarding what you can use to transport heavy materials during a renovation process.

Depend on a Dolly

Dollies have been in the transportation business for many decades. They transport both big and small materials. A dolly is an excellent investment as it helps you transport things from one place to the other without using so much effort. Just put the item into the dolly, secure it, and you are good to go.

There are various types of dollies which serve different purposes depending on your needs, including the location of delivery and the kind of material for transport. A utility dolly is ideal for transporting things like small furniture, boxes, and appliances. This dolly is very convenient as you can move more than one item at a time by stacking them together.

An appliance dolly has the same structure as the utility dolly but designed for transporting heavy appliances such as stoves, washers, and refrigerators. The items are secured by sturdy straps made of nylon or a locking auto-recoil technique. This dolly has a carrying capacity of 700 pounds and maneuvers through the stairs with ease making it easy to carry your home renovation items. The furniture dolly is flat with a broad base and four wheels but with no handles and straps. This dolly carries 1000 pounds with ease so you can transport all the cumbersome renovation materials by loading and pushing the dolly. It is ideal for transporting wall units, dressers, desks, couches, or a piano.

Rent a Forklift

You will need to move out many items from the house, including electronics, furniture, countertops, cabinets, and other things you need to move, to avoid damages during a renovation. Forklifts serve a crucial purpose during this time as they can move large and bulky equipment at a go hence saving you time and energy.

Forklifts will help you to take items like doors, plumbing equipment, and windows into the house. A forklift can help you transport heavy material to the dumpster without putting any strain on your body. To do so properly, you may need to transport it to the dumpster via a hopper. Furthermore, when working on the roof or, the workers will not have to go down to pick the needed materials. Having a forklift will make your renovation process move a lot faster and efficiently; electric forklifts are more efficient compared to diesel and LPG forklifts.

Before renting a forklift, you need to consider a couple of factors. Forklifts come in different brands, sizes, and shapes, so you need to determine the type of forklift you need depending on the kind of renovation and the condition of the site. You also need to consider the type of fuel used by the forklift, the length of the lease (daily, monthly, or weekly). Make sure you also enquire if the forklift will be delivered to your home and whether you will be responsible for servicing the forklifts and paying for the damages.

Use Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are essential for a renovation project as they aid in performing tasks like filling up a hole with soil within the shortest time. They are also used for taking materials from one location to the other; some dump trucks allow you to add more cargo containers to the leading vehicle. Dump trucks come in various capacities; you, therefore, need to choose the one suitable for your home renovation project.

A standard dump truck is the most common, and it is available in six and ten wheels with a hydraulic ram mounted between the body of the car, and the cab directs the chassis. A transfer dump truck is pulled by an independent trailer that has a portable cargo container; it is usually used to move sand, demolition waste, and gravel. Articulated dump trucks are ideal for transporting heavy material (it can handle 40-60 tons) over a long distance and tough terrain, but it is recommended only if your site is spacious. Lastly, the side dump truck helps you to offload materials from the side. The downside is compared to the other types; this one has a small carrying capacity; however, it is long, so the risk of tipping over is minimized.

Home renovations can be tedious and overwhelming, depending on the size of your home. There can be a lot of heavy materials that can seem difficult and cumbersome to move. However, the right machinery makes the entire process smooth and enjoyable.