What’s hot and what’s not is the decision to go minimalist with the decor of your home. Less is more these days when it comes to interior decorating. Open, airy spaces tend to settle the mind and the spirit. Are you ready for a change? Here are three ideas to consider.

Let the Light In

Natural light is an easy way to brighten the mood of a room. Use window treatments such as solar shades that allow light in and also provides privacy. White, as well as light-colored shades of paint on the walls, will give the room a sense of airiness that is refreshing. If privacy is not an issue and you have a great view, only use sheers to frame your window as you let the light and the view in.

Less Is More

Anyone who watches home improvement shows probably knows that minimalism is hot right now. Clutter is a thing of the past, so it is time to downsize. What few items you want to keep, place sparingly around the room so they will create a focus. Zone the furnishings so that it is easy to move about the room. The theory is an uncluttered room will lead to an uncluttered mind and spirit. If there are things you wish to keep but not display, look for unique ways to create storage.

Use Living Plants as Decor

Using living plants as a part of your decor serves several purposes. One, they are beautiful when added as an accent to your room. Living plants also improve the air quality often adding extra oxygen. If using herbs, they can provide a natural scent and some can be used in cooking to add flavor. Another benefit is the homeopathic qualities some herbs offer. With minor maintenance, plants provide a natural feel to the room that comes with big benefits.

Take time to look at your living space to determine what does not need to be there. Think of ways to bring more light into the room. Is it time to brighten the walls with a new coat of paint? What type of plants would work well in the room? Make each item that remains a thing of function as well as beauty, and feel how the mood of the room has changed. Once you get a feel for how you can make changes to your space, you’ll be able to relax.

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