Having a new, modernized kitchen not only makes your home more efficient and enjoyable to live in, but it also increases the resale value when you go to sell. There are lots of ways you can spend money to upgrade your kitchen, some of which can be very costly. However, there are a few sneaky tips that most people miss when thinking about kitchen improvements. Keep reading for a few overlooked items that you can implement today to have the kitchen of your dreams.

New Lighting

Unless you are lucky enough to have a kitchen filled with natural light, you’ll need to look at it with a critical eye to determine your lighting needs. For many homes, a single overhead light in the kitchen isn’t sufficient, nor is it very appealing to the eye. For starters, installing lights under your upper cabinets can elevate the look of your home without much expense. If you have an island, consider upgrading to a fancy pendant light to help accent it. Even recessed can lighting in the kitchen can be helpful to spotlight task areas where you’ll need extra illumination to work.

High-Function Features

Sometimes, adding just a few fancy features is enough to make your kitchen feel like it belongs in a luxury home. Adding smart home technology like automatic lights or touchless faucets are upgrades that can make a big difference but are easy on the wallet. Many features can be worked into kitchen cabinets, providing additional utility and elevating comfort. Look for roll-out racks and custom shelf inserts to suit your exact needs.

Fresh Hardware

If the hardware in your kitchen has seen better days, swapping out your handles and pulls for new modern ones is a fast way to get it looking great in no time. Consider which finishes will complement the existing items in your kitchen, like your sink and appliances, and make sure to measure beforehand so you can buy exactly what you need. Once you’ve taken the time to install your sleek new handles, you’ll immediately notice a difference in how much nicer your kitchen looks. This is an easy upgrade for any homeowner, but one that’s often overlooked.

There are many elements to consider when deciding to modernize your kitchen, and the costs can add up quickly if you’re not careful. By adding thoughtful details like the one above, you’ll go a long way towards creating a kitchen you’ll love to use.

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