Having a pool sounds like a great idea, especially as we approach summertime with its scorching heat. But before you jump in headfirst and start building a pool in your backyard, there are some essential things you should know.

Costs and Maintenance

The upfront costs of putting in a pool can be surprising. Before you buy a pool, it’s important to realize that you’ll not only be paying for the pool’s installation and construction, but its maintenance as well. Pool owners need to know about different factors that can affect pool safety and cleanliness in order to keep them maintained.

The water in your pool must be constantly circulated, filtered, tested, and treated with the right chemicals. The walls and floor of your pool must be regularly brushed and cleaned each week. With the upfront cost of a pool, as well as the cost of its maintenance, a pool can be very expensive. If you recognize all this, you’ll be able to avoid sticker shock and make an informed decision.

Safety and Liability Issues

As a homeowner, it’s important to understand the safety issues and liabilities associated with the upkeep of a pool. Backyard swimming pools, while being fun, also come with significant danger and liability issues. You could be held responsible for injuries and/or deaths which could happen inside or around the pool, even if it was used without your permission. In light of this, it’s important to put some security measures in place which can help keep everyone safe while using the pool. Keeping the pool in good condition and treated with the right chemicals can also help increase safety.

Zoning Laws

When building a pool, it’s important to educate yourself on the local statues and regulations about building pools in your area. Many cities have strict policies regarding the maintenance and liability of swimming pools, and do not often make exceptions. If you educate yourself, you’ll be more informed and able to make the best decision about the construction of your pool.

There are many more factors which will play into the building of a pool; costs, maintenance, safety, liability, and zoning laws are only a few of these. Other factors to consider include: what type of pool you want, longevity, landscaping, budgets, and contractors. Make sure to set aside some time to consider all these factors so that your pool building experience will be successful.

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