Tired of having a mediocre garage space? Want to turn a messy space into one you can feel proud of? You can easily transform an average—or even below-average—garage into the one of your dreams.

Make Your Space

Too often, garages just end up as storerooms and quickly become full of clutter. Organizing your garage should be the first step in the makeover process.

It could be a good idea to invest in cabinets, shelves, bins, pegboards, racks, or other spaces where you can neatly store your property; this way, your rakes, tools, and bicycles don’t all end up in a heap in the corner. When you run out of wall or floor space, consider adding ceiling storage overhead to keep things out of the way. Finally, group your belongings by category for easy clean-up and access.

Add Some Tech

Another way you can really step up your garage game is by adding tech, and some garage tech even improves security. Who wouldn’t consider a high-tech garage the height of cool? An extra-quiet garage door opener, emergency lighting in case of a power outage, an electronic laser parking guide, energy-efficient garage doors, quick-drying floor tiles, and more are just a few of the options available for improving your garage. There are also lots of fancy accessories, like wet and dry vacuums, which could improve your garage experience.

In the case of some garage door openers, this tech even improves security of your home and garage. For example, some openers can monitor whether the door is open or not, automatically close the door, control the garage lighting, and connect to your smartphone.

On a more superficial note, if you work frequently in your garage, a stereo system could be a useful addition. That way, you can rock out to the radio or a favorite playlist while fixing a car, cleaning, working on a project, etc.

Change Up the Interior Design

Another way to dramatically revamp your garage is by re-doing the walls and flooring. Re-paint, and/or add a new coating to the floor. A popular garage makeover trend right now is the addition of slatwall panels to dress up what were originally plain, painted walls. If you want to get really creative, you can give your garage a theme, such as “retro.”

A new coat of paint or other new decoration can give your garage an exciting, clean, new atmosphere. The possibilities before you are endless, and you can personalize it to your own interests and tastes.

Creating a garage that rocks need not be terribly expensive or complicated. Begin by organizing and making some extra space, then add some tech and a splash of new paint. Before you know it, you won’t be able to recognize your own garage—because it will have become the garage of your dreams.

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