Homeowners tend to make over their kitchens before putting their house on the market or to breathe new life into tired kitchens. Either way, it’s easy to get confused about whether to go with your heart or the current trends.

If a makeover is to satisfy your home’s upcoming sale, play the trends in favor of playing it safe. For instance, white kitchens have been the kitchen king for decades. Several years ago, cutting-edge designers introduced the concept of “gray is the new white” for kitchen cabinets. Now that gray is somewhat fizzling, pops of color such as navy blue, black, or lime green are enjoying a moment.

Color of Cabinets

If you are selling your home, it’s a good idea to go with white cabinets. White cabinets may give off a sterile aura, but they are classic. A trend report by Houzz discovered that 43 percent of homeowners who renovated their kitchens elected to stay with white kitchens.

If you are embarking on a kitchen makeover for your own satisfaction, how can you put your own spin on it? Your kitchen reflects your personality. Consider splashes of color. For instance, rock gray uppers with navy-blue lower cabinets. Also, paint kitchen islands a different color from the cabinets to trigger a touch of sophistication.


Color of Appliances

Homebuyers are all about stainless-steel appliances and stainless-steel sinks. They expect to pay more for them. White or black are acceptable secondary colors. If your appliances are relatively new, and especially if they are energy savers, don’t worry about replacing them for stainless.

Stainless-steel has enjoyed a long run, but bold colors are trending. If you’re doing a makeover to put your personal stamp on your kitchen, appliances are available in yellow, red, matte black, and more.



Unless your kitchen countertops are ugly, chipped, stained, etc., it may not be cost-effective to replace them when selling your home. Countertops are personal to the owner. It’s like trying to guess how many jellybeans are in a jar to figure out what prospective homebuyers want in a countertop. You might consider an awesome backsplash to perk up your existing countertops, such as white subway tile with black grout, chalkboard, brick veneer, blue mosaic, and many more.

However, if you’re creating your dream kitchen, marble countertops add an exquisite flair. Go with marble, and your countertops will serve as a conversation starter when you have guests.


Most contemporary homebuyers are not pleased with carpeting. They prefer hardwood floors. Carpeted floors with hardwoods underneath are the seller’s blessing. Tile comes in 2nd for kitchen floors, having been inched out by hardwoods.

Marble flooring adds a wow factor to your kitchen. It is a unique material, since no two pieces of marble are alike. When the day comes that you decide to sell your house, marble kitchen (and bathroom) floors add significant value.

Wall Color

Your potential buyer’s white cabinets marry well with any color. Stay with the neutrals such as off-white, gray, or tan for a stylish kitchen that will please most homebuyers.

Have fun with color when designing your statement kitchen. Paint your walls in fun earth tones like olive green or chocolate brown. Or you may want to paint an accent wall in one of the pastel blue tones for a delicious pop of color. For a happy kitchen – think yellow. (Related: Fun Ways to Motivate Yourself to Clean The House)


It’s no surprise that homebuyers prefer white ceilings. Rather than a harsh, glaring white, go soft with eggshell, vanilla, ivory, etc.

Designers call ceilings the fifth wall. With that in mind, consider painting your ceiling the same color as the kitchen walls.

Take Note: Popcorn ceilings are the worst. Get rid of them before you try to sell or re-vision your home. Not only are they displeasing to the eye, but some of the textured paint used for popcorn ceilings also contains asbestos.


Final Thoughts

Now you have ideas for a kitchen makeover whether you are preparing to put your home on the market or designing your signature kitchen.