Home renovations are a great way to turn a house into a home. They allow you to customize it to best fit your needs and aesthetic preferences. They also have the potential to boost your home’s market value, which can be great if you’re anticipating selling your home in the near future. Renovations can be expensive, but there are some great less expensive options that you can do to make your home look more stylish.

Give It Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint is a simple way to make a dramatic impact on a room. You can do as much or as little as you want, making it as budget friendly a project as you want it to be. An accent wall can be used to draw attention to a certain area of the room. If you’re feeling more ambitious, you can go for a paint overhaul of the entire house. However extensive you decide to make your project, choose your colors carefully. Different colors and tones will have different impacts on the look and feel of a room.

Change Your Windows

Changing up your windows can be a great way to improve your home’s style. With different window styles, window treatments, and accessories, this is another project that can be made to fit a variety of budgets quite easily. Depending on the look you want, you may find it necessary to play around with different styles and combinations. There are many window styles you can choose from to give your home the desired effect. You can play with different curtain and blind styles, as well as different curtain rods and fasteners to create a different feel as well.

Unique Hardware Fixtures

Changing up hardware such as door handles, locks, and cabinet and drawer pulls is a relatively easy and inexpensive project you can take on that can change the look and feel of your home. There are a wide variety of different styles and different metal finishes you can choose from. When choosing styles and finishes, consider the look and feel you want to create. If you want a utilitarian or industrial look to your kitchen, for example, ornate cabinet and drawer handles and pulls are probably not the way to go. You’ll probably find you’re happier with something more plain and simple.

Lighting Upgrades

Upgrading your house’s lighting is another simple way to create a dramatic change. This might include projects such as adding a new light fixture, changing light covers, or even just changing up what type of light bulb you use. The light produced by a light bulb will change depending on the type of bulb. Some bulbs produce whiter light, while others produce warmer light. Brightness will also change from type to type. If your light fixture doesn’t cover the light bulbs, consider trying different bulb shapes to change up the look and feel of both the fixture and the room.

Replace Carpet with Hardwood

Replacing your carpet with hardwood flooring isn’t often what comes to mind when you think of budget renovations. If you compare the cost of carpet with the cost of hardwood, carpet is typically the less expensive option. That said, there are ways to save on hardwood flooring. Another way to look at it is to think of it as an investment. Hardwood floors typically have a higher resale value than carpet floors, so if you can keep them in good condition, and you anticipate selling your home, replacing your carpet with hardwood may be a good financial move anyway.

Change Up the Countertops

Changing up your kitchen countertops is another great way to breathe fresh life into your kitchen without doing an entire kitchen renovation. There are some budget-friendly materials you can choose from, and depending on the amount of counter space you’re replacing, you might be surprised at how affordable some higher end materials can be. Some materials, such as granite, are typically more expensive. However, you might find that there are remnants from previous projects available that are far more affordable and might be a great option if you have a smaller counter space to cover.

Redo the Backsplash

Next to replacing kitchen hardware, redoing your backsplash may be one of the simplest ways to give your kitchen a facelift. There are tons of different ways you can do this, so feel free to get creative. You can make fun patterns with ceramic tiles, add texture with faux stone or slate, or create a more industrial look with stainless steel. Marble and glass are also popular materials. Price will depend on both type and quantity of the chosen material. You’ll also want to keep in mind that whatever you choose, you’ll need to clean it. If you don’t want to spend lots of time scrubbing at your backsplash, consider a material that is easier to clean.

Revitalize Your Cabinets

While we’re on the subject of changing up the kitchen, consider revitalizing your cabinetry. This could mean something as simple as repainting or staining them. You don’t have to get rid of the ones you have now and replace them with new ones unless you want to. If you want to change them beyond painting or staining, consider replacing the cabinet doors. There are multiple ways to customize cabinet doors, so you should be able to find something that fits with the look you’re going for without too much trouble.

Add Crown Molding

Adding crown molding is a subtle way to elevate the room it’s added to. It offers something of a finishing touch to your space. Like many other home improvements listed here, you can make the cost fit into your budget by limiting what rooms you add this to. You may find that you prefer that not every room have molding anyway. Too much may end up being overkill. Rather, save it for rooms you want to make extra fancy, like a nice dining room or living room.

There are lots of ways you can improve the style of your home while operating on a budget. Many of these projects also allow you to save money by making them a DIY project. Remember to choose your materials carefully, use them wisely, and do what you can yourself. You might be surprised by how far your money goes.

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