It is more fun to hang out with the family, enjoy an outdoor barbecue-time, or celebrate private parties with close friends, and other special occasions in your property’s open space. But one has to consider enclosing an area in the yard, patio, or deck for privacy.

You may have to decide on featuring some elegant outdoor screening ideas to partially block the spot from being overly exposed from the outside – neighbors, sun, noise, etc. 

Here are the best ideas to pull-off a patio sheath to suit your desire:

Dropping outdoor sheet curtains

Outdoor curtains and outdoor sheets make nice porch enclosed-barriers. It is a convenient and comparatively cheap way to make your porch more personal, appealing, and improve its atmosphere. The porch curtains partially block the wind-breeze, rain, and sun rays to make the outside activity more enjoyable. The best way to do it is by making some posts and linking fabric lines in-between them.

You may opt for the outdoor curtains when you are looking for an elegant way of getting a modern custom-look and stylish appeal on your open space. The synthetic fabric is the best on the list with its coated waterproof materials.

However, optioning for a common type of fabrics to be used as outdoor curtains like cotton, wool, silk, linen, polyester, and lace is also preferable. You can easily wash these best using an integrated washer dryer.

The better way to picture out what it may look like, you may use the trendy patterns, which you can find on the internet. Or you may hang a simple, bold spray-painted curtain to take your fashionable ideas from plain old clothes.

Upcycle old shutter with retractable plans as screen partition

You may alternatively use old shutters for your outdoor space into such a folding partition. Just attach some hinges to them and clothed with retractable plants for more personal appeal.

Initially, shutters are designed as room-partitions, but might also be an alternative screening for extra privacy in your deck.

Due to its portability, you can easily position the partition at anyplace to block the sunlight of the exposed region.

Using fast-growing plants as natural screening

Fast-growing plants, herds, bamboo, and brush are natural privacy plants. Privacy plants of any kind are a practical solution for over-exposed decks and patios. However, it takes time to grow these plants.

Also, you may use planters with fully-bloomed plants to shade up the open area. With the best stylish self-watering plants on the market, you add privacy and some plant life to your deck.

To build a high green wall around the patio, use bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fast-growing screening plants. You may select a range to achieve the exact height you want, and in around two years, the plant can provide a perfect screening species. Bamboo grows high and gives any outdoor space a tropical appeal.

Everything about bamboo

  • Bamboo curtain panels

With weather-resistant Outdoor bamboo curtain panels, you may establish shade and privacy outdoors. The light filtering bamboo panels fit into a lightweight, nice pile frame to the whole outline that provides instant privacy.

  • Bamboo woven panels

Woven Bamboo panels with rings are also perfect outdoor screenings. The material used is for cabinetry, reception areas, ceiling, and walling treatment that is also perfect for an elegant-looking light filtering frame for the outdoors.

  • Bamboo grommet panels

The Bamboo Grommet Panel gives your home a tropical feeling with a naturally simplistic design, crafted from almost organic material. The natural material of bamboo trimmed to coordinate woven accents with any light-filtering treatment.

  • DIY bamboo blinds, bamboo mats, and rolled-bamboo

You may also customize frames with bamboo blinds, bamboo rolls, or large bamboo mats as light filters.

Burlap curtain panel

The burlap fabric & linen comes in different colors such as bubble gum, Fuschia, natural pink, and cream that brings the place a cozy atmosphere. You may come across a large selection of burlap fabric & linen for weddings, events & more private occasions in your yard.

Wood vertical blinds

The vertical wooden blinds give the sleek look of real wood used as outdoor shades with durability and ease of maintenance.

Outdoor panel room divider or privacy partitions

The outdoor partition is the perfect backyard privacy screen for your patio, garden, deck area, porch, or lanai. Lightweight and transportable, this partition not only adds elegance to your outdoor but also lends greater versatility to creating different arrangements.

This privacy screen is durable and will outlast the elements that consist of a densely-woven wicker inner panel supported by two vertical posts.

This yard divider is perfect for providing outdoor privacy on deck, and it is the best addition to concealing unsightly mechanical objects in landscape projects. You may add retractable shades or plants to it.

Freestanding wall

A DIY project of thin line wooden panels outlined to form a one-panel room partition and mounted with different beautifying materials of your choice provides the open space a more personal touch. It creates a movable partition wall on functional rollers, making it easy for you to move the object around.

Freestanding outdoor curtain rods

Installing outdoor hanging curtains is made easy using the powerful freestanding support rod to produce DIY outdoor floating curtains as dividers. The materials used can be from wooden sticks, aluminum steels, or PVC pipes. Perfect for your DIY shots.

PVC pipe screen

Use PVC tubing and plain cheap bed linen for your freestanding privacy panel. You can use any colored sheets to match your other exterior decors for this personalized project.

Exterior roll up and down blinds

While staying trendy, the exterior roll up / down blinds provide instant privacy. It is also great as an outdoor shade alternative, as well as used for indoors.

External blinds are best available in various material forms, such as vinyl, bamboo, thin wooden strips, fabrics, rattan, etc. To easily roll the window-shade to any desired height, it includes strap fasteners that will flip in any direction.

Semi-sheer blinds such as these are a perfect choice to round out your outdoor settings with a versatile design, ideal for helping block a portion of sun in your screened porch or patio. Made of PVC, this cordless shade has a roll-up feature that includes hook attachments for use in all weather conditions.

DIY freestanding wood and pallet wall frames

The freestanding Wood Pallet Wall display frame is ideal for hanging all types of objects. The handcrafted screen is an alternative for indoor or outdoor displays, private occasions, celebrations, get-together, and much more. The panel is collapsible and compact, which makes it easy to set up and view your stuff, and also to screen the view from the outside.