One thing folks have learned during the pandemic is exactly the ways they home works for them…or doesn’t. Unsurprisingly, homes which seemed big enough prior to working and schooling children at home have suddenly been found lacking, both in space and amenities. Individual homeowners who had no time due to long commutes, now find themselves aching to begin that long-hoped-for build. Whether that means a new built-in bookcase, resurfacing countertops or a brand new front porch extension, knowing changes in construction regulations will help you prepare ahead.

Finding Builders  

Along with those normal questions for any build, you now want to make sure that builders provide cleaning supplies and other OSHA requirements for COVID-19, to make sure your home is safe with people moving in and out of it while making repairs. Understandably, you will want to know what their sick policy is for workers, and to make sure they are not encouraged to come to work sick during the pandemic. If your family has immunocompromised members, you need to keep those things in mind, and provide safe areas away from workers, or postpone if there are high numbers in your state.

Health and Safety Guidelines

Even the best builders will forget some of the new guidelines from time to time, so it’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with those things which are new parts of both the OSHA regulations. For example, social distancing and mask wearing continue to be important when doing remodeling and installations. The virus does not care how nice your countertops will look when installed, nor how frustrated you are that your screened in deck is not completed. You must make sure that your builder is choosing to protect your family while they are in your home. These things can be complex to follow during builds. For example, the CDC recommends all employees maintain six feet of distance from each other. This includes during installations.

When Should You Begin

Usually, business counsel would be to begin immediately, but when facing a pandemic, rules are more complex. Your particular needs will be determined by your builder, your project, and especially your location. Those who are in current hotspots with more stringent regulations might need to temporarily postpone while making further preparations, while those in some locations, or with smaller projects, might have no complications! Likewise, you might have difficulty with some suppliers or equipment in the US, or, in other locales, only mild delays. Your builder can advise you as to which things are more complex and might need postponing.  

Americans are interested in making efficient, beautiful changes to their homes at this time, and rightfully so! Figuring out what to do, how to do it safely, and within time constraints, however, will be something you need to consider during COVID-19. Regardless of the complexities, being able to maximize your home’s potential and beautify the spaces you spend time in daily are important tasks. Making sure you’re safe while doing so is worth it!

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