So you just bought a beach house. Now it’s time to make it yours. Barring HOA regulations, which mostly only apply to the exterior anyway, you essentially have free reign over decisions about furnishing and decorating it. The whole point of living in a beach house is to have those beach house vibes 24/7. So how do you go about creating that in your house?

Use the Right Decor

Choosing the right decor is essential to creating the right vibe for your beach house. Of course, if you’re going for a specific vibe, you’ll need to choose your theme. Do you want your theme inspired by the colors of the ocean, sand, and sky, creating a light, relaxing atmosphere? Or are you going for more of a nautical theme with bolder colors and adventurous energy? Keep your beach house theme in mind as you choose your decor to maintain consistency throughout the home.

Create an Outdoor Space

One of the beautiful things about living in southern California is the beautiful weather that you get to enjoy all year long. Since the weather is pretty consistent overall, if you want to make the most of owning a beach house, you need to create an outdoor space. This space could feature things like a deck, a fire pit, and outdoor furniture. When designing your space, it’s important to consider the weather your space will be exposed to. This especially applies to selecting outdoor furniture. Some materials are better than others for outdoor furniture. They’ll stand up better to the wind, sand, and water they’ll inevitably be exposed to.

Let the Light In

Natural light makes things feel open, bright, and lends a unique energy to a house. It can breathe fresh, youthful energy into a room, or give it a relaxing sense of calm. Large windows in both the interior and exterior walls of your home allow natural light to pass into your home. Frame them with light colored drapery to emphasize that light, breezy feel, or go for bolder colors to emphasize a more vibrant energy. Whatever your choice, take the time to bask in the natural light and soak up all the benefits it offers.

As the new owner of a beach house, it’s up to you to create the right vibe. There are a lot of different styles for a beach house, from the nautical inspired to the colors of the sea. Carefully select your decor, create an outdoor space, and find ways to let the light in. With thoughtful selections, you’ll end up with a beach house that feels just the way you want it.

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