Home maintenance is a normal part of homeownership. In many cases, it can be easy to let regular maintenance fall to the side. That’s a mistake though. Homes don’t repair themselves, and what starts as a small problem can easily become a more serious one. Of course, one of the most important things you need to figure out when you start getting a handle on home maintenance is what you can do yourself and what you should leave to the pros.

You Can Do It!

There are plenty of basic home maintenance projects you can DIY if you want to. Changing light bulbs, replacing cabinet hardware, painting an interior wall, and basic cleaning and yard care are all pretty simple projects that you can handle on your own. Most of them require very basic tools and supplies and don’t require much in the way of specialized knowledge. Of course, you can always outsource these tasks, but for the most part, it often makes more sense to handle them yourself because of their relative simplicity and the money you can save.

Maybe DIY?

Plumbing problems tend to fit pretty well in the middle of the scale. Some are really simple fixes, while others are much more involved. Your everyday clogged toilet can probably be fixed with some patience and a plunger. But if that isn’t working or if you have serious plumbing problems, don’t try to handle them yourself. Similarly, you can handle basic furnace maintenance, like changing the filters, yourself. This can help improve the performance of your furnace. Watch out for signs that indicate more specialized help is needed. There are some easy furnace troubleshooting fixes you can try on your own, but if they don’t work it’s probably best to call for professional help.

Just Call the Pros

Some home maintenance is best left to professionals. Most roofing work is best left to the pros. They have the skills and tools to handle working on slanted surfaces and the knowledge to correctly identify where any issues are coming from. Anything involving electrical wiring should be left to a licensed electrician. Electrical work is particularly dangerous and can result in serious injuries if something goes wrong. Electricians have specialized training that gives them the knowledge needed to perform such maintenance tasks safely and correctly.

Figuring out what you can DIY and what you shouldn’t touch without extensive training and experience is an important part of handling home maintenance. Home maintenance projects are widely varied and run the gamut on the scale. By figuring out what level of expertise and experience is needed, you can save yourself a lot of time, effort, and maybe even money on your home maintenance projects.

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