For years there has been a push for more people to move to renewable energy. It may seem like your effort wouldn’t have a major impact but switching to green energy sources can be very beneficial to both you and the environment. It’s worth looking into how you can incorporate renewable energy in your home.

Tax Breaks

As you consider switching to renewable energy, you might notice some large costs upfront. For example, solar panels can cost thousands of dollars to install. If you’re still on the fence, you should know that the government offers tax credits for renewable energy. The most common of these is the solar tax credit which will cover part of the cost of installing solar panels on your home. However, if you want to take advantage of these tax credits you need to do so soon. These tax credits are being phased out in the next couple of years. If you switch to renewable energy now, you can catch a break from the major costs.

Environmental Benefits

Installing green upgrades in your home is beneficial to the environment because it decreases the negative effects of non-renewable energy sources. With renewable energy, you won’t be adding more pollutants to the atmosphere. You are also decreasing your carbon footprint. Of course, green upgrades are also actively helping the environment. The average home with solar panels can remove the same amount of CO2 from the air as 50 trees. Solar panels on your roof will take up far less room than 50 trees and you can reap the same benefits.


The main reason you should rely on renewable energy is that it’s sustainable. Sunlight, wind, and water aren’t going to run out and they can always be depended on for energy. Non-renewable sources are not sustainable. There’s the obvious fact that these sources will eventually run out. However, it has also been seen, in the last year especially, that the market for these sources is quite unstable. Green energy is more reliable and dependable. It can support the population now and still support future generations.

Switching to renewable energy sources will greatly affect the environment, but they will also have an impact on you. Consider switching to renewable energy in your home so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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