If you have a beautiful bedroom space and are just about ready to move in, there may still be a few finishing touches that can put your room over the top. Transforming your new bedroom from simply a usable space to a private oasis can be as simple as adding a few flourishes that help you feel like you are at home in your room and give you the relaxing feeling you need to fall asleep easily each night.

An Accent Wall

Giving your room a little more visual interest can help you to feel more excited to get to your room at the end of the day. An accent wall is an easy way to provide that interest and gives you a chance to show off your personality at home. Your accent wall should fit in with the colors and décor of your space, but kick things up a notch in terms of color and style. You don’t want to get too over the top since you want to keep your bedroom peaceful and relaxing, but adding a wall that is a little more fun can make your room a much better place for you to spend time in.

High-Quality Trim


Adding trim will bring your room to the next level and give you a chance to add just a little bit of artistry to the corners of your room. Great trim can also help to make your room more habitable and protect you from damaging forces. Carpentry trim protects your walls from termites and other pests. Choose trim that suits your style and gives the room a clean finish that makes you excited to come home at the end of the day.

Hang Art on the Walls

Adding a little art to your walls can help bring your room from being a little boring to becoming a unique space that fits your needs and helps you to feel at home. Choose art that you love, and maybe work on building your collection over time if you don’t already have great art pieces to put up in your bedroom. It is also important to think carefully about how and where you place art in your room so you can make sure it looks and feels great.

You deserve a bedroom that you feel great in and are happy about. The more you can relax and feel happy in your room, the more happy and productive your life can be.

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