It seems almost ironic that something as simple as water can cause such severe damage to your home. Water damage can be extremely expensive to repair; it may even cause enough damage to require total replacement of parts of your home. Roof leaks, foundational damage, and bursting pipes are all potential disasters of home repair that property owners should be aware of if they want to take preventative measures against them.

Roof Leaks

For obvious reasons, the roof over your head is one of the most important parts of your house to keep properly functioning and safe. Water damage can accumulate from severe weather (especially areas of heavy and consistent snow), broken shingles, or simply the deterioration that comes with age and breakdown. Any crack or soft spot can quickly grow into a heavy leak—what’s more, if that leak stays on the interior of your walls or ceiling for prolonged periods of time without your knowledge, the damage can accumulate exponentially until a major leak makes a breakthrough and you’re stuck fixing entire walls or portions of your ceiling. Take inventory of the status of your roofing material and check for potential soft or vulnerable spots after wet seasons to assure these issues don’t spread.

Foundation Damage

Because your home rests on its foundation, foundational damage is a pricey and difficult repair to manage. Foundation repair services utilize several methods to fix damages, depending on the material found within or under the foundation. To repair or replace foundational elements, a repair service may have to dig up areas around your home and brace the walls before removing the damaged chunks and replacing them with safe (dry) material again.  

Burst Pipes

Especially during major shifts in climate like from winter to spring or summer to fall, your pipes may be impacted by conflicting warm and cold temperatures. A burst pipe can cause plumbing issues or may lead to those scary foundational damage problems underneath your home. If a pipe does burst, look for a quick temporary fix until you can get a professional to come in and do a full repair. If these cases are caught quickly, you will save bigger parts of your home from accumulating damage as a side effect.

Unfortunately, water damage is no easy fix. Keep tabs on your home’s central spots for water flow and make sure your roof, walls, foundation, and plumbing are all well-protected. It will save you a lot of time, stress, and funds.

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