Everybody has sink issues from time to time. There are so many different reasons and causes for them, though, and most folks don’t know what to do, besides be frustrated and call their plumber. Of course, your plumber is always there to help you! But if you can prevent drainage issues, it’s better to do so. How can you prevent drainage issues with your sinks?

Install a Stopper

Stoppers are important because they specifically prevent things from dropping down the drain. Tiny things like snippets of hair, bobby pins, and other small items which, when out of sight, are also out of mind. A bobby pin can collect hair over time, and then you have a snarl and a mess! A stopper which is designed to prevent large objects is great, but in shower and tub drains, a hair stopper is important. Especially with many people using weaves and hair extensions which might not be biologically based, getting snarls in drains is a common cause of issues.

Watch What You Put Down

Many people have not been taught what is safe to put down into a drain and why. This can be a problem especially in kitchen areas. Often, those who are learning to cook do not know that putting some waste materials, like hamburger grease, can stop up drains completely! Attempts at using the garbage disposal to grind things like carrot peels, several cups of rice at a time, and other small items directly clog the pipes, especially if grease is involved. If you let food and other items build up, you might end up needing extensive plumbing services to unclog your drain.

Hygiene Products

Common hygiene products can cause drains to be blocked as well. Most individuals know not to flush things like tampons and pads, both of which expand in fluids. However, another issue is baby wipes and common “flushable” wipes, both of which combine with grease in drains and can cause extreme blockages, both in wastewater plants and between your home and the street. It’s best to find other options, and to not flush even the wipes labeled “flushable.”

Your drains help keep your home running, and having a blockage is frustrating! Your plumber is always there to help, whether a small or large blockage. They want you to be able to care for your home’s plumbing, making complications easier to diagnose, as well!  

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