Buying a home is an intimidating task. There are a hundred different things to think about, meaning there are a hundred different things to be nervous about forgetting! The best thing any future homeowner can do for themselves in their search is to prioritize a few key elements of home shopping above those others! Here are a few of those “most” important factors.


Change and development are inevitable parts of life! Consider the planned changes and potential unplanned changes you or your family may encounter in the future: additions to your family, career changes, the vision for your home, etc. Look for a property that is versatile or flexible enough to allow for those adaptations as its residents (and their plans) change! Rooms that can be changed in purpose, outdoor space that can be used for home expansion, anything that promises multiple uses or potential.

Your Financial Health

Do not buy what you cannot afford. Spending above your budget may limit your ability to create the interior home you want, or may prove to be tragic if you cannot catch up to the debt! Before you even begin looking for a home, spend time improving your credit score. Your credit is a crucial factor in getting a home loan and can determine whether you get the best rate. Set a firm plan with firm goals for yourself, and be strict with your big expenses. Furthermore, establish a good emergency fund and set money aside for home repairs, alterations, and utility needs before your purchase. All of this preparation will prove to banks that you are responsible and ready for this kind of investment.

A Location You Love

Even if you love the property itself, the overall enjoyment of your home and the value or quality of it may be impacted by the location it is built on! Establish your wants and needs for the place you live. Do you have kids that will attend public schools? What kind of things do you want access to? What kind of social life do you want to enter? What are your hobbies? Create a vision for the lifestyle you want to foster, and do your research as to what kind of environment will help you achieve such!

Make this important decision a well-prepared one. Look into the future of the home, the finances of the home, and the feel of the area around it! Once these are set, more minor details will fall into place.

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