Few things are as frustrating as an infestation of fleas, and any pet that spends time in the great outdoors will inevitably come in contact with these annoying pests. While veterinarians offer a plethora of prescription medications, most contain dangerous pesticides. Rather than spending money on products that come with a host of side-effects, consider using an all-natural repellant like these essential oils to keep a pet and home free from fleas all year long. (Related: How to Stage Your Home When You Have a Pet)


Cedarwood Oil for Fleas

Cedarwood essential oil is excellent at not only repelling fleas but killing them in their tracks. It’s derived from cedar trees, and while there is some controversy regarding its safety when used on pets, those products that originate from Texas or Eastern Red Cedar trees have been proven to be effective and safe for use without the risk of toxic chemicals. 


Basil Oil for Fleas

Individuals looking for proven ways to repel fleas should look no further than basil oil. In addition to applying the oil on their pet’s fur via a mist applicator, many also find that placing several basil plants around the exterior areas of their home will help prevent an infestation. The leaves of the plants may also be used for cooking, which makes it an excellent dual-duty plant for any size garden.  

Clove Oil for Fleas

While not advised for use on cats, clove oil is a powerful deterrent for fleas. Try adding several drops of the oil to the washing machine when laundering dog beds to keep the areas where a dog sleeps critter free. Also, a few small drops on a collar will keep several varieties of bugs at bay and is perfect for dogs that have sensitive skin. 

Peppermint Oil for Fleas

Peppermint oil not only offers a pleasant smell, but it is also excellent at preventing fleas from setting up shop. Many pet owners also use it to treat the itching that accompanies flea bites, which helps to reduce scratching by providing a cooling sensation. As with other essential oil products, it is not recommended for cats. Use it in a spray bottle as a great inspect repellent. 

A proactive approach will allow any pet owner to keep their pets safe and free of fleas. The use of natural essential oils will help keep a dog and their environment pest free without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. Try one of these all-natural remedies today, and get rid of fleas once and for all.  (Related: Top Home Design Trends for 2019)