One of the joys of a 5-star hotel stay is relaxing in the perfectly luxurious bathroom. Such elegance in the morning sets the mood for the rest of the day, and its late-night comfort helps bring on restful sleep.

Unfortunately, your vacation can’t last forever, but there are many ways to bring this luxury home with you into your bathroom. Some are easy and inexpensive, others a little more involved, but all of them will add an impressive touch of 5-star sophistication to your home.

Upgrade Your Towels

Changing your towels is a simple luxury that can be done in a day for immediate effect. Invest in a set of fluffy, luxurious towels of the finest quality you can afford, and keep them freshly laundered as often as possible. And if you can fit a heated towel rack to warm them while you shower, then all the better.

Install Subtle Lighting

A bathroom is no place for a single high-powered light fitting. Use gentle LED spots and corner lamps to give an atmospheric glow. Add under-cabinet strings to lighten sinks and surfaces, and try sconces either side of the mirror rather than a single strip above.

Consider wiring up several switches and dimmers, to offer different lighting levels for changing moods. Use flickering candle-effect bulbs in the corners for an impressive and romantic impact.

Mirrors and Glass

Make the lighting effects even more special by using mirrors and shiny glass surfaces. The reflections increase the sense of space and brightness, making even a smaller bathroom feel more roomy.

Color and Texture

Most hotel bathrooms are fitted into relatively small dimensions, but careful use of color and texture can make the space look much bigger. Stick to whites and other light colors as much as possible, and use as few different shades as possible to stop a cluttered feeling from developing.

The exception to this light and simple rule is the flooring. Tiling or wood that’s a shade or two darker than the walls can increase the sense of spaciousness by a surprising amount. (Related: Top Home Design Trends of 2019)

And while it’s best to stick to only one or two colors throughout, you can be a little more flexible with textures. Try giving alcoves a rougher or distressed finish compared to the main walls, to increase interest without adding darkness.

The Marble Effect

There’s no denying marble tiling and surfaces will be expensive to install, but they add that ultimate touch of class and luxury. There’s no need to cover the entire room, but marble tiling inside the shower cubicle combined with a marble sink surround will make an elegant impression without costing a fortune. (Related: 5 Clever Ways to Help Your Home Sell Fast This Fall)

Add a Little Nature

With its warmth and humidity, a bathroom is a perfect place for tropical plants such as ferns, orchids, of trailing philodendrons. At a stroke, they’ll add a natural and decorative feeling of elegance, and will thrive without too much attention.

And if you can place them near a window with a natural view, they’ll act as a visual bridge to the wider outdoors, maximizing the feeling of space.

For an extra benefit, choose fresh eucalyptus branches or an aloe vera cactus, which will give off essential oils to fill the room with healing vapors.

Added Fragrance

Finally, add a new sensory dimension to your bathroom by dotting bowls of scented potpourri around surfaces and niches, or by burning scented candles to give a luxurious perfumed feel. For extra effect, hang a sachet of potpourri above the shower head, where the rising steam will release the fragrances to permeate the room.

Whether you try all of these tips or just a few, transforming your bathroom into a luxury sanctuary will make the start and end of every day feel like a 5-star vacation.