Living in a studio space, whether by choice or necessity, can become a challenge in many ways. To make your life more comfortable, you need to use the area in the most efficient way possible and not waste an inch of square footage with furniture pieces that add style but not functionality. (Related: Home Updates That Add Value)


Guest Accommodations – When you live in a small space, having a guest stay overnight is problematic, especially if you don’t want to share your bed. You can solve this problem by getting a sofa or loveseat that you can fold out into a spare bed.

This type of seating is also usually better made and will last you longer than a standard sofa or loveseat. Because of the underlying bed frame, the furniture piece is firmer, and the cushions won’t sag as much.

Choose a lovely style to match your décor, and you’ll add beauty plus functionality to your space.

Refrigerator Space – In many studio spaces, you only have room for a tiny refrigerator. You can double or even triple this space by using small refrigerators on each side of your sofa instead of accent tables.

You can still place a lamp on top of each one along with your television remote control or anything else you’d typically put on a side table. (Related: Should Kitchen Makeovers be Trendy or From the Heart?)

Choose white, black, or brown units that will match best with your décor, so they’ll blend in and look more like actual furniture pieces.


Interior Storage Space – Storage problems are probably the most significant complaint when you’re living in a small space. Everything you keep needs to serve a purpose. You won’t have room to store junk. Several ways exist to maximize your storage.

Purchase a bed frame with drawers already built into the sides for clothing. Matching nightstands should contain at least two drawers each for additional items.

Place a storage bench at the end of the bed to provide even more storage as well as extra seating.

Instead of a coffee table in front of your sofa, opt for one or more storage ottomans with wheels. If you have a sleeper sofa, wheeled footrests are easily movable when you need to pull out the bed. Always make sure to install an over-the-toilet storage cabinet in your bathroom for personal items, extra towels, and other products.


Exterior Storage Space – If your studio space comes with a patio or balcony that has an exterior storage closet, don’t merely shove items inside, because you’ll waste the available space. Instead, secure hooks to one of the side walls or the back of the door to hold a mop, broom, and other such items.

In the rest of the space, place as many stackable drawers inside as the unit will accommodate. With multiple drawers, you can utilize the whole area from the bottom all the way to the top, and you can keep things separated and organized so that it’s all easy to find.

You can store tools in here, extra light bulbs, paper products, bottled water, and a variety of other necessities.

By making a few simple choices, you’ll find that converting even a small studio space into a comfortable and functional abode is not as hard as it might have once seemed. With such forethought, you can turn almost any space into a home that you’ll be proud to spend time in and show off to your family and friends.