Even if you love a nice winter chill, you probably like to have your home be cozy and warm. If you have central heating, this is easy. If not, you may have to put in a little more work. Fortunately, it isn’t that difficult to make your home comfortable if you use the following tips.

Reduce Heat Loss

Whatever heating you have won’t do you much good if the hot air can easily escape to the outside. Obviously, that means that you need to keep your windows and door shut as much as possible. But that isn’t the only thing you can do to prevent heat loss. Cracks in the sealing around windows and door frames can allow air to escape. Seal these up to trap the heat in. Another cool trick is to keep your window blinds closed. This can stop heat escaping your house through radiation exchange with the cold outside.

Use Heaters

If you need something to add some heat to your home, you have a few options. You can use a space heater, or an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces are safer than space heaters because they are away from objects that can catch fire like furniture and drapes. The flames are also mesmerizing to watch as you sit back on your couch with a soft blanket and a warm mug of hot chocolate. Just make sure that you keep your children away from these heaters. The casings of space heaters and electric fireplaces can grow quite hot and can cause burns if little fingers poke them.

Bundle Up

While perhaps not the ideal solution, you can keep yourself warm by bundling up. The trick to dressing warm is to use several thin layers rather than just one big one. Thin layers make it easy for you to take off a layer as you get to warm and add them as you get cold. Make sure that you wear something warm on your feet and head. These parts of your body can release a lot of heat if they are uncovered. If you are trying to stay warm, it is important that you don’t get so hot that you start to sweat. Sweat will make your clothes wet and decrease their effectiveness. Keep in mind that as your body gets cold, it will decrease circulation to the extremities of your body because it is more important to keep your core warm than your hands and feet. So, if your hands and feet are cold, putting on a sweater may be just as effective as putting on socks and gloves.

Keeping your body warm is about more than just comfort. Your mind will function more clearly when your body isn’t struggling to stay warm. Your immune system will be stronger as well. It is important for your health and happiness that you stay warm during the winter. If this means that you need to spend a little money, it will be worth the investment.

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