Taking care of your home is a complicated process. But when it comes to your everyday life and maintaining a healthy home atmosphere, few things can make you less excited about hanging out in your kitchen than gross smells hanging in the air. But making sure your home smells fresh doesn’t have to be hard if you take a few small steps.

Remove Trash and Food

Make sure you remove trash and food out on your counter. This step can make a huge difference in keeping your home smelling good. Think up a system that works well for you and your home. If you have children, assign them the task of taking out the trash at least once a week. Putting your children to work on this chore can save your nose and can save you time.

Having a clean counter policy can also prevent food remains from wasting away in your kitchen. This involves a policy of keeping all your kitchen countertops clear of any clutter and especially of any food. Doing this will help keep you accountable when you are tempted to leave food out.

Clean Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that is likeliest to develop weird smells. And when you have pets, this only becomes worse. Make sure that you have at least a weekly cleaning schedule for your bathroom. Wipe your counters, clean any spills, and thoroughly clean your floors.

You should also make sure there isn’t any blockage in any of the pipes. If there are problems draining your tub or sink, try some cleaning techniques before you go to the plumber. You can break up smaller clogs yourself with some chemical drain cleaners.

Routinely Clean Appliances

Cleaning your appliances often may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to preventing bad smells from developing in your home. But it can make a big difference.

If you let food residue build-up in your oven or stove, your kitchen will have a burnt smell when you try and cook anything. Likewise, cleaning the lint out of your dryer and performing other routine cleanings can not only prevent a burnt smell but can also prevent serious dangers like potential fire. 

You want your home to smell nice. But with little kids running around and busy life to maintain, it can seem like a luxury out of reach. Adopting even one or two of these suggestions can get you off on a good start.

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