You don’t have to go to the Getty to see great art—sometimes, it’s on a street corner right in front of you. Cities all over the world have amazing street art, and Los Angeles is no exception. From poetry to pop art, there are great works to see in every corner of the City of Angels, especially in the amazing downtown arts district.  We’ve collected a handful below.

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Poems on every wall

These sweet typewriter style poems are all over downtown LA. They’re beautiful, not to mention very Instagram and quote worthy. My personal favorite: “Everything up to now is a story, and everything after now is a story,”  at Third Stop LA. Wrdsmith is the artist, and there are different works by them all over Los Angeles, all with unique poems. See how many you can find!

Crochet rainbow mural

Pride month may be over, but rainbows will always be relevant. And crochet  is like knitting, but more badass because it only uses one needle. What more could you need? This crocheted rainbow  is attached to the wall at Paper Bag Princess in LA.

Floral Hello wall

Fruits, flowers, and the happiest word in the English language. This wall is perfect, no doubt about it. It is located at Carrera Café in LA.

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Girls tour wall

There is nothing more instagrammable or more awesome than the word GIRLS ten feet high. After all, we do run the world. Check this out at Sorella Boutique, LA.

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Dragon on Chung King road

This red dragon rising up the side of the building in Chinatown is lovely and fierce. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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Dripping Technicolor

This amazing wall is located at Platform Hayden Tract.  It looks like a lava lamp, splashed right into the side of a building. How cool is that? Worth a visit or five.

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Colorful ballerina

What is more elegant than a ballerina? A rainbow ballerina. Visit this one at Urban Radish in downtown LA. She looks ready to spin right off the wall, perfect for a photo-op.

A larger than life kiss

Are you a fan of pop art? The comic book style of painting is common in street art, and for good reason—it looks amazing blown up.  This one would be ideal for a photo-op with your SO. If you like that style of art, you’ll really enjoy this mural in echo park. D*face is the artist, and there are others around LA.

This is just a small sampling of all of the artworks all over Los Angeles. The diversity of the city can be seen in its art, which depicts people, things and places as varied as LA itself. You’ll never run out of art to see, especially because new ones crop up all the time, but this list will get you started. Get art hunting!

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